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The Pit Vipers phenomenon wasn’t even mandatory. Anglin should have mandated them. Those wearing them are somewhat like the 6th Jan protesters, abandoned by their abandoning leader. Not too late to mandate them but who are we kidding. Not even Anglin took the Vipe.
Men who sit to urinate dishonor themselves.
Been eating a lot of steak lately and my top right molars are aching.

These K2+D3 pills have no doubt made my teeth healthier in the past couple months, but all this chewing is taking its toll regardless.

Dr. Group on InfoWars planted this crazy thing in my head years ago that you gotta chomp on your meat until it’s virtually liquid before you swallow.
I should watch the Olympics
Youtube is doing this thing now where it seems they're just randomly throwing comments in the trash? I guess their bot must be broken or something. I've had all kinds of completely positive and apolitcal posts canned recently.
The Internet was such a magical place in the 90s/00s. It seemed we finally had a way to bypass the engineered monopoly of the media. Now we're back to public discourse being controlled by the Big 3 networks and a couple of newspapers -- only they do it with www and .com in the name. Thank God they're private companies at least, I'd sure hate to have our ability to express basic sentiments regulated by the government.
It would be great if their 6 Million line censorship algorithm code was leaked, to show how terribly vicious it is. As a longtime commenter, I noticed the removals started ramping up in 2017, and it has gotten much worse since. One place where the comments do not appear to be censored as heavily is in community-type posts. On normal videos, it's not worth it anymore. The 404s, shadow bans... I did my duty, 2013-2018.
That's the Pajeet in charge and his understanding of English right there.
Its all the same nigger shit every nigger day.
You are going to get a laugh at this one:
>Aryan Bloodlines of Ancient Babylon
>Light-skinned Iranian girl in the thumbnail

This is off to a good start.

Edit: I didn't expect the Iranian-Italian Jesuit conspiracy theories. Wow.
I just got busted doing one of the few jew-tier things I’ve been indulging in for a few weeks now... ringing up full size avocados at self checkout as small avocados.

The railroad bull walked right over and rang them up again, changing the total from $3 to $12 dollars.

I feel like Covid-19 was supposed to kill a lot more people to clear the way for population replacement and when it didn’t the plan became to force the effects of a dangerous vax on the population to while them out. We will know in three years
Tried to skip leg day, then the landlady asked me to push the ‘54 Ford tractor halfway across the yard.

We on Epsom salts tonight, my dudes.