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Drizzling sky, church livestream and lifting while my dog snores.

I’ll miss these peaceful days, they’ve been some of the best of my life, but I also look forward to the coming darkness. It’s counter intuitive, but it’s all a blessing.

We have to remain happy warriors.
I'm on paleo diet until mid-August, I have started 3 days ago
(meat meat meat) i'm gonna change my metabolism
Forum linked on the main site! Newbies inbound soon?
Are you going to start writing for the Stormer again? Are you posting anywhere else?
Has anyone ever driven through a parking lot and had some passive-aggressive jogger just standing there jive talking on the phone, refusing to move, while mean mugging you? Yep, it was infuriating.
Lifting feels like summer camp and wolfing down giant meat/veggie/rice bowls an hour later feels like homework... but waking up with mondo gains and bulging arm veins feels like a wall full of doctoral degrees.

All glory to God for helping me look and feel great while keeping my pride in check.