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Who killed Christ? The Romans or the Jews?
Understand: anyone who doesn’t understand the Jewish problem at this point in the game is not suffering from stupidity, but an actual mental disorder. They are in denial of a problem which exists right in front of their faces.
Was the protest at the capitol another Charlottesville disaster? The protesters were let into the building which lead to a clash with the security goons and now they're being framed as some sort of evil terrorists or something equally ridiculous. I think it's time to end this cargo cult of protests for good - they don't accomplish anything without clear leadership organizing and leading them like he would an army.
Can people recommend me good country music ? (I only know classical music) Here are examples of songs I appreciate: “Outlaw state of mind”, “The Gambler”...
ex_machina come back
I am very much against censorship of any kind, but in the case of Q there should be an exception. We need to stop the lies. There can be no peace until Q Anons admit they lost
Well, Vox Day believes in Q again.