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What is the best way to make it so that Windows can't spam me with their google homepage tier bullshit, without breaking the OS?
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Buy a Mac.
I might retire, buy a little trailer and haul it to a crunchy music festival this summer... and then spend the rest of my days driving from chill spot to chill spot with my doggo.

How rare of a thing is a racist, carnivore, incel hippy?
“Our country is ready to fulfill its obligations in full. But it also expects assistance from trading partners, including on international platforms. Otherwise, it turns out to be illogical: on the one hand, insane sanctions are being imposed against us, on the other hand, they are demanding food supplies. It doesn't happen, we're not idiots."
-Dmitri Medvedev
"I'll probably go on Andrew Anglin's Kill List and the moment he can use Nick Fuentes to onboard himself, for political power in the United States he'll probably try to kill me, he'll probably try to have me killed. And um, until he discounts that or whatever, or signs an affidavit or whatever I'm just not gonna believe him."
-Kike Franssen
Remember that time a couple of months ago or maybe longer 🤔 ……you posted some music and I responded with 🤣 and you said, No, Gian, that’s not the right response, this is very important to me. What was that music, idjut?
La Croix’s new ‘Cherry Blossom’ flavored sparkling water tastes like biting into the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.

I think I need an Eclectic Flavor Expert badge.
Apologies for the lewd joke. It was just me trying to be funny with words. You are a married woman and have always carried yourself well here. No hard feelings. I acknowledge the inappropriateness of it. Was having a hard week and went for easy jokes. My respect to your husband and you.
Your grandchildren will look at you and say "lol what idiots they had things of their own and were wasting time taking care of it lmaaaao how disgusting they ate dead animals 😱 they should be stinky and very dumb thank you Daddy Antichrist for freeing me from this 🥰"
What happened with cuzinfed?