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The “Self-hating” white liberal is a myth. There was never anything that ressembles self-hate in that self-worshiping virtue signalling egotistical creature. It doesn’t hate itself more than it loves the blacks. It loves to be “woke” it loves it’s jewed reflection. The only genuine concrete love it has is directed towards it’s own anus. Loving the conceptual black is not loving, etc.
Thanks for the dislike faggot.
I have no control over jewtube.
You know that youtube shutting things down is as envitable as the changing of the seasons and yet you have no common sense to make a backup.

"Behold, the 'Liberators'"
They did this in France, Northern France specially too. Bombed everything to smithereens, with the explicit intent to pin down as many German troops as possible. The All-lied liberators killed more than 75,000 French civilians in their bombing raids towards the end of WWII. And they made more than 2 million French homeless. Today they wonder that the French were so cold and ungrateful towards them. Lol.