Zoomers, I need help with Bitcoin

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Kay, your profile says newbie so you get a small amount of leeway, but be warned, posting links with no description or summary is considered nigger-tier, and a suspendable offence. Bitchute links, unlike youtube, do not embed a thumbnail nor title.
Hasn't it been impossible to create an account here for years? How could someone be a newbie?


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My phone got soaked and is broken.

My Coinbase account was linked to the phone with 2-factor authentication. Even though I maintained the same phone number with my new phone, for some reason I cannot log into my Coinbase account. I can find no e-mail contact for help, let alone a 1-800 customer service number.

Fortunately, all my BTC is in my wallet....or else I'd REALLY be pissed off.

So, I just tried to open a Gemini account. Every time I try to add my debit card, it reads, "AN INTERNAL ERROR OCCURRED". I have no clue why. I've tried with multiple browsers. I also turned off AdBlock. Still have the same problem. I filled out a ticket with Gemini, but I have little expectation of a solution.

Is there any other quality broker recommended here besides Coinbase or Gemini?
I'm responding super late so you've probably already moved to another platform but, I like ftx.us. I was on HitBTC until they restricted US users. Gemini's fees are too high for my liking.


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ALGO - Fast transmission. You don't have to lock in a stake to collect an APY (Coinbase offers 6% APY), I hear it's now being used for NFT purchases. 10b cap. In my opinion I'd grab some for $1 or less and HODL (Hold)
brilliant ... breached $3 yesterday

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I bought $100 in BTC at an ATM a couple days ago:

  • It asked for my phone number; I used my real number, but if I had a burner I could easily have used that.
  • It asked for my name; I gave my real name, but nothing prevented me from using a fake name.
  • It did not ask for birthday, driver's license, SSID, mailing address, etc. Every ATM is different in terms of what policies it enforces and at what thresholds.
  • Presumably I was being filmed by a camera in the ATM; certainly the gas station security cameras were filming me. These days you can easily get away with wearing a mask that completely obscures your face. I don't wear a mask because I'm not a faggot.
  • Payment was cash into a slot. If you're completely paranoid, remember that cash holds fingerprints, and bank machines which count/dispense cash likely record all serial numbers.
  • They charged $7.50 in (((fees))) on the transaction.
  • I converted it (more fees) to XMR using https://changenow.io/

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PS: Here in America, it's still perfectly legal to donate money to bloggers, even antisemitic ones. The opsec is so the jews don't find out and get you fired/murdered.