Wow, That is Really Amazing That Larry Summers was Able to Predict Inflation in Early 2021

Andrew Anglin


Oh, Larry Summers predicted inflation in early 2021?

W0w, we should give that fat Jew a medal.

In fact, I’m thinking of getting his weasel face tattooed on my neck, he is such a genius predictor.

Andrew Anglin, April 6, 2020:

They’re going to make the money printer go “brrr.”

But we very well may be looking at a libertarian-predicted apocalypse on that front. The amount of money this is going to take to just keep people in houses and eating is going to be astronomical. It is almost certainly going to cause the rest of the world to dump the dollar. Then you get real life mass-inflation.
Andrew Anglin, April 18, 2020:

If someone is saying “worst since the Great Depression,” you can be certain they’re still playing a kiddie game. Try “worst since the Great Depression and also since before that, for all of history.”

This is going to be comically bad.

We are talking tens of millions of homeless in America alone, and eventually, spiraling inflation, until civil unrest leads the government to start losing control of parts of the country.
Andrew Anglin, April 30, 2020:

I sure hope you all felt really, really safe from the virus, because if you went along with this bullshit, then you are responsible for it.

The economy is not coming back. Nothing is going to “bounce,” because there is nothing to bounce off of when you’ve fallen into a bottomless pit.

The only thing the government can do now is print new money, and hope that they are able to keep people pacified enough to not riot without creating hyperinflation.

We now understand that this collapse was on purpose. So I believe that the next step is to push us into a war with China, in order to keep the people complacent and wipe out the last holdout to globalism.
Andrew Anglin, May 14, 2020:

Honestly, it’s hardly even worth mentioning the money at this point. Adjusted for inflation, we’ve already spent more money than was spent on World War II on various coronavirus-related measures, and the money printer just keeps going “brrrr.” It is clear that the goal is to collapse the dollar as a way to destroy the wealth of the middle class and usher in a new economic system. The dollar will be replaced with some new form of digital currency, which will eventually be connected to a computer chip in your hand. The government is achieving this collapse by pretending they don’t know what inflation is, and just printing unlimited amounts of money.

Anyone who is still claiming that this is not a controlled and purposeful forced economic collapse is either stupid, in denial or a liar. By my estimation, believers are spread out equally across those three groups. Over time, some of those in denial will start to deal with the reality of the situation, and those who are stupid will look at their own financial situation and start to ask questions. The liars will presumably keep on lying.

I have predicted that the mass-drugging of the population will be a popular way to deal with rising dissent and civil unrest as people’s lives are stripped from them in this demolition operation. Sure enough, this new House bill has support measures for the weed industry.
They’re asking Larry Summers what his next predictions are – after he made a prediction I made a year after I made it. Frankly, Larry Summers probably just reads this website. Most people do.

Don’t ask me what my next predictions are.

You don’t even want to know.

It’s disgusting.

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Oh, Larry Summers predicted inflation in early 2021?

W0w, we should give that fat Jew a medal.
I've been predicting this since Obama really fired up the money-printers-go-burrr 10 years ago (or earlier tbh).

They've been trying to collapse this bitch for years. Yeah, give Larry Sanders Summers a prize.



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Prediction: Larry Summers is going to help his coethnics to some more Eastern European and Russian loot in this ongoing Ukrainian boondoggle...


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Larry Summers goes to temple with 60% of the cocksuckers who decide when and how much inflation there will be.

These Jews are so smaht!!