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I’d call Wilmot Robertson’ The Ethnostate the Farmer’s Almanac of the Dissident Right, but that would make it seem too quaint. Really, it is an incisive and spot-on encapsulation of everything that is besieging white civilization in the West collected in a slim volume of sterling aphorisms and impeccable reasoning. That it was published in 1993 but remains animated with relevance and urgency in 2020 takes the book nearly into the realm of prophecy. The twin parameters of white identity and race realism form the foundation of Robertson’s political edifice: the ethnostate, the apotheosis of statecraft and the ideal mode of living for all mankind.
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The campaign for equality is such a popular political ploy that politicians are reluctant to give it up even when equality has become the law of the land. Minority spokesmen find it politically inexpedient to acknowledge that the fight has been won, but go on as before—until they reach the point where they have “out-equaled” majority members. Sooner or later the “outs” turn the tables on the “ins” and rely on their own brand of racism to guard and expand their new ascendancy.