Why Does Saudi Arabia Have Such a Vitamin D Problem?


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Most of the year, it's either bitterly cold outside, or so insanely hot that it's not recommended to spend more than 5 MINUTES outside.

Leads to things like obesity issues too.


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I lived in a certain shithole ME country when I met my Eastern European wife.

She was new in the country and wanted to go to the beach one summer day.

>dude really? Do you realize what you're saying?
>what? is just beach! Is saturday! I want to go!
>... do you have any idea how fucking hot it is outside?
>is exactly why I want to go to beach!
>... ya know what? OK
>Find hotel with private beach because omg terr'ists
>It's just us and another crazy white woman
>I will lay in shade
>it is still 110°/40° in the shade
>Enter filthy water
>almost boiling
>Reinhard why you look so worry
>Because we have no cold water and we are literally in a zone of danger
>She gets heatstroke
>oh do you understand now?
>let's do it again next week!

OK that's marriage and the ME