Why Are Moscow and Beijing Happy to Host the U.S. Far-Right Online?


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The US has absolutely no chance against the combined might of Russia and China.


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The US has absolutely no chance against the combined might of Russia and China.
True that Over a decade ago, Russia had cheap systems, that render the US carrier fleets totally obsolete.
And Russia is closer to China, and much stronger now, than they were 10 years ago.

Russia stated over 10 years ago, that their response to a US carrier group
Literally groups of these armed with nukes, to be detonated deep under a carrier, will create a hole in the water, under the carrier, which will quickly be filled back in, dragging an entire US carrier group with it.


The US is fucked if they try shit with people this crazy.


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At this moment, so many grad school students and junior intelligence analysts (the senior ones aren't reading this "Foreign Policy" rag) are learning about the connection between the Daily Stormer and the Chinese government.

I was both of those things btw. So it's kind of remarkable to see it unfold like this. We now know that whatever shit they're going to cite for their hostilities against China will include "hosting of white supremacists on the internet."
and in the same breath they'll attack the chinese for censoring dissidents

but on the flip side maybe one day the chinese will accuse the USA of censoring anglin and the USA will be like BUT HE'S ANTISEMITIC

what % of people would get red pilled from that?

zero :(