Watch: Obese Teacher Verbally Abuses Vaccinated Student for Not Wearing a Mask in Wisconsin

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This obese teacher is yelling at her fully vaccinated student because he is a threat to her health for not wearing a mask.
On a positive note, she is now on administrative leave.
She shouldn’t be allowed near a school again.

— Teresa
“Joe, you know Trump won.” (@thorsome2) May 15, 2021

An obese teacher in Wisconsin verbally abused a student for not wearing a mask. The student is alleged to have been vaxxed to hell already.

Vicki McKenna shared two longer videos of the incident on Twitter.

She told the kid: “I don’t want to get sick and die!”

She added: “There’s other people you can infect, just because you’re vaccinated. You know what, you’re not a special person around here. You should hear how everyone talks about you!”

This is just emotional abuse! On top of the physical abuse of the mask! And the kid is vaxxed???

This is standard behavior in American city schools, and there usually isn’t a camera on.

District Administrator Matthew Shappell said on Facebook that the School District of Poynette is initiating an investigation and that the teacher has been put on administrative leave.

But only because she got caught out in a viral video.

You need to get your kids out of these schools.

The public schools in rural areas are still normal. At least 100X more normal than this!

You think that fat bitch won’t turn your son into a tranny???

Think again!

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The number two biggest killers are heart/cardiovascular disease and cancer.
Being obese is the greatest, and most preventable, risk factor at getting those two diseases.

She was probably wiggin' out due to low blood sugar and needed a few ho-ho's and a 2 liter bottle of Sprite to level out.


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Fat Lives Matter!

Boomer conservatards really don't like that. If you are fat, lose weight. Start right now. The Master Chief has shown the way. Eat a reasonable diet, stop ingesting poison. Don't get fat in the first place; losing weight doesn't get easier as you age. Lose it.

The fat teacher bitching about the mask is a miserable creature. She's a disaster, and she knows it. Let's all be better than these people.


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I guess this is why the Bible says go to the mountains, because when there's sodom, all the plains and cities will be burned. poynette is still plains / flat land.


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Poynette is a suburb of Madison, Wisconsin, and is only about 20 miles outside of the city.

You need to get at least 30 miles outside of major cities, or 50 miles outside of extreme liberal shitholes like Madison.

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From what I noticed, the "rural people aren't crazy" thing is only half true. They are definitely more down to earth and nice but it's not like they're living in a bubble, they're still hooked on cable news, MSM internet news articles, etc. Sure, they're not as far gone as "city" people, but they definitely are not the pillars of virtue people make them out to be. I moved to a small rural area and I've only seen one nigger so far, but all the kids I've seen are into nigger rap, people still walk around outside in masks, stores are still very strict with the virus dogma, etc.