WaPo Announces That It’s Time to “Prove” You’re Vaxxed – It’s Just an App, Bro

Andrew Anglin


This story is on the top of WaPo and also the much more widely read Yahoo! News. It is an announcement that you’re going to be pressed on your vaccine status, in the form of a guide on how to show your vaccine status.

Most of the ways to show are digital, which is what the vaxx pass will be when it is introduced in the United States later this year.

They are easing people into accepting this new reality.

Washington Post:

Congratulations, you’ve been vaccinated against the coronavirus. Now you have to prove it, and your smartphone can help.

Across the world, fears about the contagious delta variant are leading more businesses, schools and travel destinations to require vaccination. Like it or not, there’s a real chance that somewhere you want to go will ask to see proof of your shots.
It doesn’t matter if you like it.

This is a democracy, which means you have to shut up and obey.

Let’s say you are planning to visit Hawaii – you’ll need to be vaccinated or show a negative coronavirus test if you want to avoid quarantine. You’ll need proof to work in the federal government, at tech firms such as Google, Facebook and Uber, and a growing list of other companies. And in New York and San Francisco, you’ll need it to go inside a bar, get a seat at some restaurants, or take in a show on Broadway.

So, how do you do that without carrying your white card from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention everywhere you go?

There is a growing number of ways to store your vaccination record on your smartphone, though unfortunately no be-all-end-all app or system. We’re here to make sense of how different options approach your privacy, ensure security and try to spot counterfeits.
It’s unfortunate there’s no be-all-end-all app.

It will be very fortunate when there finally is one such app.

Just know this technology is still evolving, and places are making up their own rules about what they’ll accept as proof as they go along. So you still might want to carry that physical card with you when you’re headed somewhere super important.

Whether businesses or governments should ask you to prove your vaccination status is a deeply personal – and political – topic. Apps known as “vaccine passports” helped fuel a long-running debate over personal freedom vs. public health, and some places banned them before they were even developed. The first state-sponsored app, New York’s Excelsior Pass, failed to pick up wide traction this spring after infection rates dropped among other concerns.

The term vaccine passport may be out of fashion, but you still might have more digital options than you realize. Now states including California, Louisiana and New York offer portals to download fully authenticated vaccination information, and more are on the way. And millions across the United States have access to digital records from Walmart, CVS and Walgreens.

Why bother going digital? One concern is that as mandates increase, so might fraudulent paper records. A bouncer can scan an app a lot quicker than validate paper cards. An app is harder to lose than one super-valuable piece of paper that could slip out of your pocket. And digital records can also protect your privacy by passing along only the required information – thumbs up or down – instead of all the personal details on those CDC cards.

But there are downsides to digital, too. Many of the apps we’ve seen are made by companies for whom creating secure health passes isn’t a sole focus. Some might try to get you to pay after you start using the app. Apps that are poorly or unscrupulously written could be used to violate your privacy. (We’ve grilled each of the services we name in this guide.)

The most secure digital systems can also be complicated, raising big concerns about access. For an upcoming trip to Hawaii, the all-digital vaccine proof process required us to navigate two different websites and a third app.
Yes, some apps charge money, but others are too confusing for black people to use.

If only there was some perfect official app…

The article then goes though and reviews all of the different apps.

You see how this works?

There is no “do you agree with this?” – they tell you in the beginning it doesn’t matter if you agree, then explain that your real choice is which app you will choose.

They also say “it’s not a vaccine passport, but actually, it is a vaccine passport.”

This is all scientific mind manipulation.

Of course, people who are already vaxxed might not like the idea of having to prove it – but they won’t fight that. They already submitted to the system when they agreed to get the vaxx in the first place.

Americans are so stupid, not seeing this train headed right for them. New York is already effectively implementing a vaxx pass, the second most influencing newspaper is telling you to get ready for it now, and yet there still aren’t any protests in America.

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then the apps were tainted by fraudulent unclean nonvaxers masquerading as vaxxed or clean people.

never fear bill gates team has a solution.

a digital angel

injectable readable nano monitor and id card, it can store all your permanent records! plus your drivers licenses and voter id card!



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Biocompatible near-infrared quantum dots delivered to the skin by microneedle patches record vaccination

On the record
Vaccines prevent disease and save lives; however, lack of standardized immunization recordkeeping makes it challenging to track vaccine coverage across the world. McHugh et al. developed dissolvable microneedles that deliver patterns of near-infrared light-emitting microparticles to the skin. Particle patterns are invisible to the eye but can be imaged using modified smartphones. By codelivering a vaccine, the pattern of particles in the skin could serve as an on-person vaccination record. Patterns were detected 9 months after intradermal delivery of microparticles in rats, and codelivery of inactivated poliovirus led to protective antibody production. Discrete microneedle-delivered microparticle patterns in porcine and pigmented human skin were identifiable using semiautomated machine learning. These results demonstrate proof of concept for intradermal on-person vaccination recordkeeping.
Accurate medical recordkeeping is a major challenge in many low-resource settings where well-maintained centralized databases do not exist, contributing to 1.5 million vaccine-preventable deaths annually. Here, we present an approach to encode medical history on a patient using the spatial distribution of biocompatible, near-infrared quantum dots (NIR QDs) in the dermis. QDs are invisible to the naked eye yet detectable when exposed to NIR light. QDs with a copper indium selenide core and aluminum-doped zinc sulfide shell were tuned to emit in the NIR spectrum by controlling stoichiometry and shelling time. The formulation showing the greatest resistance to photobleaching after simulated sunlight exposure (5-year equivalence) through pigmented human skin was encapsulated in microparticles for use in vivo. In parallel, microneedle geometry was optimized in silico and validated ex vivo using porcine and synthetic human skin. QD-containing microparticles were then embedded in dissolvable microneedles and administered to rats with or without a vaccine. Longitudinal in vivo imaging using a smartphone adapted to detect NIR light demonstrated that microneedle-delivered QD patterns remained bright and could be accurately identified using a machine learning algorithm 9 months after application. In addition, codelivery with inactivated poliovirus vaccine produced neutralizing antibody titers above the threshold considered protective. These findings suggest that intradermal QDs can be used to reliably encode information and can be delivered with a vaccine, which may be particularly valuable in the developing world and open up new avenues for decentralized data storage and biosensing.

democracy dies without a vax record under your skin , marking you as have been compliant to our demands!

Leviticus 18:21
And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech, neither shalt thou profane the name of thy God: I am the Lord.



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They are not just content with constrant survailance, they will control your seed line development or lack of!


But the Gates were not content to stop there. In 2014 it was announced that Microchips Biotech, Inc., a company in Lexington, Massachusetts, had developed a new form of birth control: “a wireless implant that can be turned on and off with a remote control and that is designed to last up to 16 years.” According to MIT Technology Review, the idea originated when Bill Gates visited Robert Langer’s MIT lab in 2012 and asked him if it would be possible to create an implantable birth control device that could be turned on or off remotely. Langer referred Gates to the controlled release microchip technology he had invented and licensed to MicroCHIPS Biotechnology, and the Gates Foundation granted $20 million to the firm to develop the implants.

end snip

if you never read through this corbet report I suggest you do today. google claims all of this is debunked, its not, its on tape and in public patent records. these demons always telegraph intentions. and with beer, footy, gookwaffen, tranny services and hoax- a - minute going on , who has time to mount a resistance!


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you lads in America are a bit behind the curve on this. Here's what's being rolled out in some European countries soon if you want to go to a "mass indoor event":

  • Vaccinated attendees only
  • Masks must be worn when queuing and not seated
  • RFID wristbands to be worn at all times*
  • Tickets need to be booked before event
  • A voucher with a unique barcode will be emailed to client
  • 48 hours before the event, "Voucher Accreditaion Hubs" will be set up
  • Event-goers will need to visit this "hub", together with the voucher, government-recognized vaccine certificate and an ID card/passport
  • The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) band will ensure that "contact tracing" info is gathered and the wristband is linked to the wearers' personal details
  • Each attendee will be allocated to a "bubble" inside the venue, which its own social distancing rules, queues and gates.
  • Download of the local "COVID Alert" app is mandatory for all attendees
This will hit the shitlib areas of the States within 6 months.

* Just like in prisons


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Who has the CDC vaccination card template?


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It would be great to troll Grindr and the feminist dating apps into requiring vaxx passport credentials.