This Entire Narrative of a “Chinese Communist Police State” is a Stupid Hoax


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The idea of Chinese cops going into a restaurant and closing it down because they violated a food waste law is so far outside of any reality in China that it is absurd to even consider.
Much like how the founders of America viewed allowing non-whites to be citizens.


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Everyone remember the "China gonna collapse soon" narrative? I do, because I fought that one for years (probably over a decade in one form or another). Funny how such a long-running narrative evaporated so quickly in 2020.

I actually cared about the truth. I never wanted the US to turn into a shithole and give everything away for a few more years of decadence, but here we are on the eve of war and its annihilation. Like hell I will endorse another foreign war now.
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To be honest, I cannot stand the video people like serpentza. Notice first his name is a variation of serpent. What he and Laowhy to a lesser extent, got famous for is going out and accosting normal people then over reacting to the negative reaction they caused. Some of the dumbest stuff I have ever seen. I will tell you quite honestly, he is the stereotype/architype of a Jew. Go to a different country, attack your host, then whine about how bad they are to you. Heck off with that stupidity.

Chinese people simply do not randomly freak out on someone because they are a foreign person. They do not do that now and they did not do it a decade ago (I think there should be more attacks on idiots living here). I would go a bit further with the community justice thing. It is not community on a national level per se, though that exists, it is on an area level. I have often heard the story of, if a non-Chinese has a fight with a Chinese they will get attacked by all Chinese. The only time I know of people getting mob attacked it is always dude who is drunk and talking shit and he deserved to get his ass kicked. Chinese are not fighters, nor do they admire people who act tough. If you present yourself as a dick then they treat you like you are a dick. If you are a friendly person, they are friendly. If your community knows you as a friendly person and see you are having trouble they will help. If your community knows you as a dick and sees you are having a problem they will treat you like a dick. The community is judging you, it is just part of life in China. The mob can be brutal here, that is why you want to make sure you have not done anything that can be considered a major offense. The way you phrase things is instead of "don't have your kid taking a dump in the middle of the sidewalk" say something like "it would be better if you went over by that bush so people cannot see your kid taking a dump." Same message, different delivery. In my area and even places I used to live the shop owners know me, the old ladies know me, the kids know me, the security staff know me, it goes on. It is hard for someone in that situation to come mess with me, even the police. Anyway, that is my take on community standards and how Chinese treat each other and the other.

I will end with one solid, though obviously singular, example of how Chinese police act. I was in my wife's rural hometown and we were staying at the inlaw's house. My wife gets kind of dumber when she is around her family, so we were not getting along. It was about midnight or so and I was like, screw you I am not going to stay here. I went down the road for some street bbq. Started talking with the nice gents sitting next to me, we had a few beers together and such. Then, police arrive, there to arrest two of the guys I had been chatting with. My best guess is they were involved in some organized crime stuff (smuggling is a common trade in Western China). Anyway, cops started to ask me about what I was doing there (fair question as there was really no reason for me to be there). I told them I was staying in the neighborhood with my wife's family and had just come out for a bite to eat. Most of them dropped it at that, but one younger cop would not drop it. He demanded to see my passport. I said no, strange look on his face. He asked again, I said no. After the third time he looked at the guy selling the bbq and asked if he knew where I stayed (I thought there was going to be shit going down at this point), bbq guy pointed towards my inlaw's building and said over there. Cop refused to look at me again and just wrapped up the business with the two being arrested. I have not articulated this very well, but what was going on was the bbq guy knew me from the community, knew my wife's family, and he knew I had just met this lot of people. The cop was probably going for a bribe or something, but it was not going his way. There was no way anyone in the area would say I had done anything, so he just gave up. If he had forced me to go to my inlaw's place at 1am to show him my passport he would be a complete dick.

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Frankly I learned more about China from this article than I have in my entire previous life. With any luck maybe this whole “describe what’s actually happening” approach to journalism will catch on. The description of community based applications of social behavior are particularly enlightening and persuasive about how things probably go there; at any rate this picture is more persuasive than the incomprehensible one we’re being fed by western media and the US State Department
Frankly, this concept of "justice coming from the community rather than from authority" is doctoral dissertation tier.

I thought of it in a comment to a poster who lives in Korea and understands what I'm talking about.

Other than shaking down foreigners - which is definitely, absolutely a thing, and something that can really, really be shitty if you get caught up in it to any degree beyond paying a quick bribe - the concept of an authority that doesn't emerge directly from the people in the neighborhood, on the block, who you know personally, is just not a thing.

This couldn't ever work in the West, because even without multiculturalism, we simply do not have those levels of social trust.

Andrew Anglin

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Firstly happy New Year to Andrew and all at the Stormer. Andrew has been a lamp in the darkness of 2020 and without his articles (for which he put in a lot of hard work), I would have lost my mind.

With the issue of China, I would say it is the only issue I disagree with the Stormer on.

I believe that there is a global conspiracy to keep the population under control and China is part of that. I will explain this reasoning below.

It is relatively easy to keep blacks and similar IQ people under control which is why African and Middle East countries never had a problem there.

However, with white people it is so much more difficult to control them. The globalists came close during the Middle Ages when the Jews took control of all the banks under the protection of corrupt kings in Europe and introduced extortionate interest rates leading to debt and poverty.

But that control evaporated in the establishment of America and it’s rejection of usury up until the 20th century when sadly corrupt leaders allowed for the establishment of the Federal Reserve. However, the genius Constitution of the Founding Fathers made sure that they would never fall back into the dark ages of Europe.

So the globalists had to work through destroying America from within. The globalists date back to the begininning of time when God said “And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed” when he spoke to the devil in the garden. The globalists are of the devil’s seed and since those ancient times, have sought to destroy the good seed.

In America, they did this over many years through infiltrating politics, science, religious organisations, the entertainment industry, education and the banking system.

With science, they created a new religion called evolution which sought to destroy the truth that life was created and so destroy the idea of a higher being and a higher truth, morality and all that it brings.

With politics, education and religion, the idea of family, reproduction and traditional education of history and freedom of thought were destroyed. Ultimately it meant white reproduction fell, communities collapsed and white people forgot their history and began embracing multi-culturalism, miscegenation and deviant sexual behaviour that would move away from procreation (the first law God gave was to go forth and multiply).

Banks were so successful in America that it financed the communist revolution in Russia (Wall street financed Trotsky and the overthrow of Tsar Nicholas).

Communism is a globalist creation to destroy the individual creativity of man, religion and the idea of race.

With such strength this ancient globalist organisation had infiltrated not only America but pretty much every country in the world.

Those “independent” countries left such as Iraq, Libya, and Syria were mostly destroyed by wars. North Korea and Putin’s Russia are the last 2 without complete control by this globalist elite that control world organisations such as the WHO and the UN.

However, despite their control of white countries through infiltration of those aforementioned organisations, the last decade woke them up to the futility of this control.

Firstly, the U.K. voted for Brexit In 2015 when they were not supposed to. Secondly, America voted for Donald Trump in 2016 when they were not supposed to. And despite the Mueller investigation and impeachment, it looked highly likely that Trump was going to win again. This wasn’t to happen under any circumstances.

It meant the globalists had to resort to the total militaristic/draconian rule of white people that it had employed in lesser countries.

This brings me to China.

China is not an independent country as is portrayed. It is very much part of the control of the globalists.

They are not a noble race like the whites or the Japanese who create. They merely copy what is already created. Apart from highly sophisticated cities like Shanghai, the majority of the country live in filth. The people themselves are disgusting but the educated amongst them try and imitate those with dignity such as Europeans or the Japanese and even send their children abroad to universities because they know they will learn more .

The Wuhan laboratory is an example of this globalist control. The laboratory is heavily linked to the NIH (Fauci’s dominion) in the USA which gave it funding to pursue gain-of-function (GOF) research into viruses after Obama terminated that research in institutions such as Chapel Hill in North Carolina. GOF research allows viruses to become more virulent and was being carried out on bat coronaviruses in Wuhan.

I believe that the virus was released intentionally to create that militaristic/draconian rule in white countries that I mentioned above. It’s worth noting that they released a virus that was not as dangerous as Ebola or small pox but just pathogenic enough to not be dismissed as a cold. These people have made nuclear bombs and sent probes to Mars so this is no big deal to the globalists who control western scientists.

China was the perfect place to release it as it allowed the globalists to show, through their media outlets in the west like CNN and BBC, that China’s over-the-top response was the correct one to control the virus. If, for example, the virus had been released in Sweden, their more humane response would have been much like the original SARS virus and draconian lockdowns wouldn’t have taken off.

So China was critical and now we have had all these lockdowns that we will never get rid off exported to the West and have become ingrained as normal and acceptable. They have brought the success of population control, increased wealth for the globalist elite, poverty, depression upon the white nations and the ability to fix elections.

It is quite obvious, therefore, that all this was planned.

Hence, this idea that the western media is hostile to China is not accurate. Yes they will pay lip service to their treatment of Muslims and Hong Kong. But by and large, China is a globalist ally. There is little doubt that the Chinese have spies within America that have infiltrated their financial institutions, Silicon Valley, the university laboratories etc.

Even though the virus originated from China, the media bans you from saying that, calling it “racist”. When Trump called the virus Chinese, he was condemned. When he wanted to introduce tariffs on China, he was ridiculed. When he said the WHO was controlled by China, not one of the major new outlets such as cnn, the bbc, the NYT etc supported him because both of those are under globalist control or aligned to them. And both were involved in this pandemic.

It is quite obvious the media respect China more than Russia.

I do agree with Anglin that maybe one day there will be war between China and America but that will only be to serve the globalist agenda in destroying the white race much like they encouraged war in Europe between 1914 and 1945, financing and playing all sides of the conflict.
Do you notice how long that comment is?

Conversely, I can explain my position in one sentence:

"Election fraud, child trannies, obesity, socialist policies, black oppression hoaxes, the opioid crisis, feminism and the collapse of the family, abortion, censorship, economic collapse, wealth disparity, and virtually every problem in our country were caused by Jews, not Chinamen."

If you feel the need to come up with some long, confusing thing about why you're against the Chinese, maybe you need to ask yourself why you feel a need to do that?

Actual insects - in particular, mosquitoes, cockroaches and especially ants - have caused more problems in my life than every single Chinese person combined.

This discussion is not even remotely serious.


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Thanks for covering this topic, AA.

Anecdotally, a close friend of mine lived in mainland China for 2 years or so, and when he came back he was loudly talking about the lack of cops in China, and how free it felt to be there. He said back in America, the thick, crushing lead blanket of oppressive laws was palpable and omnipresent, and the lurking threat of cops and punishment felt constant. He ended up back in China because he couldn't take it anymore. He also said that the USA was designed to make people fail in life, and that China was not.

Another friend lived in Taiwan, and when he returned he realized that in the USA there is no real "nation," per se. It was nowhere to be felt. In Taiwan, it was obvious that there was a sense of "us" among the populace. The cops were super laid back and helpful, and the entire place had the feeling of being free and united as one through the generations of people, from the very old to the children. When someone was out of line, the community set things straight.

Both of these people said that having the basics of life - food, shelter, occupation, transportation - are unreasonably expensive to the extreme in America, while those things are very cheap in China/Taiwan.
Close to what was the West before total takeover of Jews and Technocratism ?


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the opioid crises is largely due to China
In October 2017, The New Yorker published a story on Mortimer Sackler and Purdue Pharma regarding their ties to the production and manipulation of the oxycodone markets.
The Sackler family are descendants of Isaac Sackler and his wife Sophie (née Greenberg), Jewish immigrants to the United States from Galicia (now Ukraine) and Poland,[5] who established a grocery business in Brooklyn.
This thread is two pages long. You could've read the whole thing before declaring China to somehow be guilty for things done by kikes.


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Close to what was the West before total takeover of Jews and Technocratism ?
Perhaps, in places and at times. Europeans have historically been people of codified laws.


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Now you are going to be called a "Chinese bot" if you claim that the Coronavirus started in the US