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EMJ talks with Peter Helland about the show "Hunters", about how it is the Jews trying to meme the idea in popular culture that "Nazis" AKA "anti-Semites" AKA "white men who might pose a threat in the future", can be killed extra-judicially by bands of vigilantes... indeed it is morally mandated to do so. He argues that when Jews tell the rest of the population that they are above the rule of law, not only does this destroy the concept of Western Civilisation we all live under, but it will have unforeseen consequences for people who decide that they too can throw out the rule-book of civilised behaviour. He also talks about the upcoming film of Philip Roth's book, in which Charles Lindbergh is painted as an evil Nazi and a Nazi America is created.

Youtube blurb:

On the show "Israel" Peter Helland talks with E. Michael Jones about his new article for his April edition of Culture Wars magazine. The article is a review of the new movie "Hunters." The setting in the movie is 1977 in the United States. As Dr. Jones describes the movie, the movie seems like it is a depiction of a paranoid fantasy with little corresponding to actual reality. In the movie the Jewish people in America are so extremely fearful of American Nazis that in order to save themselves from another Holocaust they are driven to the necessity of hunting down anyone they suspect of being a Nazi. But since there are no Nazis hardly in America in 1977 Dr. Jones concludes that it is really antisemites that they are really paranoid about. Dr. Jones starts the article: "Over the course of 2019 the Jews lost control of the narrative in America." The movie "Hunters" is a Jewish attempt to get back control of the narrative. In other words with the internet and social media more and more people are finally seeing how things are really being run in America and the world. According to Dr. Jones the Jews are desperate to stop this negative opinion from taking root. Dr. Jones' new book "Logos Rising" (coming out about a week before Easter) will help clarify the role of our Jewish partners in dialogue in the mystery of the salvation narrative. Of course the Bible says in the end Logos wins but will the Christians soon still have to go through much tribulation here in the great experiment called America? In Acts 14:22 St. Luke writes concerning Paul and Barnabas that they were: "Confirming the souls of the disciples, and exhorting them to continue in the faith, and that we must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God."