Should Catholic priests be allowed to marry ?


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Last Sunday there was some sort of “prayers for vocations day”. In his homily the priest explained the dire situation of lack of young men choosing priesthood. In our diocese of a couple million people, there are only 2 men at the moment who are in the seminary.
Without importing priests from overseas this is basically game over for the church. As the old timers start dying out there will be no one to replace them.
So clearly young men of good character arent attracted to the Church anymore.
Priest was presenting several hypothetical options:
1 - import priests from overseas.
2 - allow women to become priests(I think Francis was already entertaining this idea)
3 - or allow priests to marry and have children .

Clearly of the three options, the third one is 
the most sensible. It would also help to reduce the gay stuff, I reckon.

any comments?


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The solution is a very small amount of priests and hierarchy and more deacons. Communion would not be a problem: in any given diocese there could be one mass with one priest, and then the elements distributed to all the parishes.
No women want to be nuns anymore as well, but I'm sure many would volunteer to be 'ladies of the church' helping with pastoral duties, and maintaining church buildings.
I went to a funeral recently and there was no priest---a retired farmer was the deacon.


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The ratio of new vocations a year per number of mass-attending faithful, in traditional orders like the SSPX and FSSP, is actually very good, and getting stronger. It is in the Novus Ordo church that there is such a problem attracting would-be priests. For this reason, 1, 2 and 3 (especially the latter two options) are absolutely the opposite of what’s needed, and it would be better to let nature take its course (I.e. the decline of the Novus Ordo).


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Before Pope Leo IX, married men were allowed to become Priests. Men could not marry if they were already Priests because the sacrament was no longer available to them.

But for the next 1,000 years, there was no issue with a lack of vocations. The problem is the feminization of the Church through the Jewish Vatican II reform. Now, there are a bunch of fat cucks preaching tolerance and acceptance while having a cringe dialogue with the laity during Mass as old women shuffle all over the alter. The Priests who perform the latin rite come off as pious badasses with alter boys and seminarians tending to him like a king during High Mass. They will preach about the superiority of the Christian faith and the unmoveable word of God.

Those Parrishes are growing, concentrating the serious faithful who have large families. The sons of these families see the Priest as a desirable figure of authority worth emulating, and there is less pressure to carry on the family line because they have many siblings. The same goes for female vocations in traditionalist Parishes.


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Years ago there was mention that Hispanic men favored enlisiting in the Marine Corps because they had a belief that it was less likely that they would be serving under a woman there. Around the same time I'd heard that prospective Catholic youth were surveyed and most had no concern about celibacy. The main concern was a vow of poverty, which is not required in many cases. Ask a modern young man to abstain from sex and he laughs, he's way ahead on that. Let him believe that he won't be able to have a cell phone and Netflix and order in food, you've got an issue.

I agree with the above comments that traditional Catholic sects don't have a vocation problem. They have so many that funding the seminaries is the issue.

But my real point is that the failure to purge the seminaries and clergy of the homosexuals is an overwhelmingly larger problem. How many excellent candidates drop out when they were exposed to that?


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The top brass should be no marry
Brothers and nuns basically don’t exist now
This tier should be replaced with married priests