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What if I want to post an important news item? Do I have to be vetted? Do I have to go through some sort of preliminary screening? I want to hear the reaction of the members of this forum for the 59 year old man who was killed for not giving the black boys a dollar. I am in shock the boys were not charged with a hate crime. After being called a "white mother fucking honkie" after years of teaching at an all black high school? I wanted to hear what other's thought?


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One thing I'd like to point out... For some time, none of my controls in the reply box worked. (Reply box - The place you type your response when you click on 'reply'. The same box opens when you create a new thread.)

Anyhow, everything was grayed out - font options, attachment, photo, etc. it really made posting a new thread in News nearly impossible. I finally tried clicking on the little gear icon (last icon in the control bar)., and it fixed everything. Not sure what that little gear is for, but I had somehow accidentally clicked it and it'd disabled everything else. I'm sure this seems really dumb to many of you, but perhaps it'll help some other dummies like me..๐Ÿ˜…