Red Pills From Women Regarding (((Termites)))


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I had a book that I haven't read in years, and a picture of my now deceased grandmother dropped out from the pages. My grandmother and I were very close, and she lived until she was 103. My grandmother was very Jew Wise, and dropped some great knowledge on their behavior. One thing I always remember her saying was, "You'd think by hearing a Jewess talk about giving birth that no woman in recorded history ever gave birth. What the hell are they complaining about, they all C-Sections?!". Before she got married, she worked at a Jewish Clothing Store and had some great stories about some of their crooked ways. She always said she respected the value they placed on education and family. Grandma also admired the fact that they helped even the lowliest of Sheenie fresh off the boat.

"Orkideh"--This girl was a trip. Her father was a Persian Immigrant and she was originally from Los Angeles. This girl was at times incredibly ditzy (she smoked too much pot and popped too many pills) but at times she would say some of the most profound statements. One day, she was telling me that some Jew (her words) had asked her out on a date. She told me that she would NEVER go out with a Jew. I asked her why, and she told me "You know my dad knew a lot of Jews when he lived in Iran. When I was a teenager he told me never to associate with Jewish Men because they are perverted. You know, he's totally right--Jewish Men are just perverts and can't stop thinking about really perverted things to do with girls that aren't Jewish".

"April"--I was killing time waiting for a friend at a hipster coffee shop (yuck, I know) and this girl sang a couple of songs. She wasn't bad, and I slipped her a couple of dollars when she passed the hat. I told her she was really good, and then we started talking about the band Grant Lee Buffalo. At some point in the conversation, I asked her if she had played any clubs. She told me that she played a couple, and that she flat out would never play the (((Turf Club))). I asked her why and she told me, "That fucking kike doesn't pay the talent. Maybe if I sucked his cock or fucked one of his greasy kike friends kike son on his bar mitzvah I'd get paid--god damned penny pinking kikes".

"Mary Kathleen"--She was a family friend that was always good for a laugh. One day, she told me that when she was around 20 or so she went on one date with a Jewish boy from the neighborhood. Keep in mind, this woman is 95 years old and she lived in a neighborhood that was once Irish with a scattering of Jews. She claimed that Observant Jews could eat pork, if a goy both purchased it and cooked it for him--not sure if that is a real Talmudic loophole or not. Anyways, she went out with this boy and she met his parents. The boy's mother flat out told her, "Have fun going to dinner with my son tonight, but NEVER EVER get involved with a Jewish Man--they can do things to gentile women you won't like". She went out with the boy--and never saw him again because she was so scared.

"Erika"--We went to high school together and ran into each other around ten years ago. She called me up, and asked me to have drinks with her. Couple of things, first this girl was no prize. Second, she was a fag hag. Third, she was a shitlib--but not puritanical or condescending. At some point in the conversation she told me she went to Israel on a trip--with a church group that an elderly relative was a part of and paid for her trip. At the time I was a libertarian, and bought into the notion of "Good Jews" in Israel vs "Liberal Jews" in America. She told me she was appalled by the treatment of the Palestinians. I mentioned she was a fag hag, and she wouldn't stop talking about how older Jewish Men targeted naive fresh off the bus types from small towns.


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Obviously the Jewish mama didn't want a shiksa daughter-in-law and was using a scare tactic that coincidentally had truth to it, but rest of this is just honesty that comes out when allowed. Short of my mother, as part of a parental couple, giving knowing glances and sighs when discussion of some troublesome person finally revealed a Jewish name, I can't say that I can recall the topic really coming up from women with me. But these examples all show the impact a few choice words have on a receptive audience.