Rand Paul Goes Off on Antony Blinken for Bombing Terror Babies

Andrew Anglin

Rand Paul doesn’t actually do anything, in terms of laws or whatever.

But he’s a great actor.

He does this big spectacles.

He doesn’t stop anything, but he’ll put on a show.

In fact, he might just herp you the derp out.


US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s attempt to evade questions about a drone strike that allegedly killed a Kabul aid worker backfired, as Senator Rand Paul pointed out that the target should have been known before the attack.

Pressed by Paul (R-Kentucky) on whether the August 29 strike killed an aid worker or an ISIS-K operative, Blinken testified in a Senate hearing on Tuesday that the Biden administration is reviewing the incident, and “a full assessment will be forthcoming.”

“So you don’t know if it was an aid worker or an ISIS-K operative?” Paul asked. “I can’t speak to that and I can’t speak to that in this setting, in any event,” Blinken replied. “So you don’t know or won’t tell us?” Paul continued. “Uh, I don’t know because we’re reviewing it,” Blinken said.

Paul then stung Blinken with the obvious, saying, “Well, see, you’d think you’d kind of know before you off somebody with a Predator drone whether he’s an aid worker or he’s an ISIS-K.” He added that the US has a recent history of drone strikes with unintended casualties, including “hundreds and hundreds of people” who were killed remotely by the Obama administration, and civilian casualties lead to “blowback.”

“I don’t know if it’s true, but I see these pictures of these beautiful children that were killed in the attack,” Paul said of reports that seven children and three other people were also killed in the drone strike. “If that’s true, and not propaganda, guess what, maybe you’ve created hundreds or thousands of new potential terrorists from bombing the wrong people.”

“We can’t sort of have an investigation after we kill people. We have an investigation before we kill people.”
To be fair we don’t know if the children were beautiful because we only saw their splattered corpses.

I’m always frustrated that Americans believe that putting on a show is the same thing as doing something.

In fact, I think if these Republicans didn’t put on shows, people would demand that they do something.

But most Republican voters are convinced that because these shows are on, they must be doing something.

Trey Gowdy used to do these shows. Then he got a literal TV show.

Jim Jordan is another one that does big shows.

Ted Cruz.

It’s usually kind of meaningless stuff too. Paul always goes after Fauci, but he goes after him on stuff that just really doesn’t matter, or is actually part of a hoax. He’s always on about the Wuhan lab.

This bombing – I mean, who cares?

They’ve been bombing rando civilians for two decades, and actually longer. They used to bomb randos in Latin America. It’s part of a “strategy of terror” against the third world in order to force them to go along with American foreign policy. That failed in Afghanistan, but they are still going to keep bombing random people – just to remind them.

I guess it shows incompetence, maybe. If you think they don’t do it on purpose.

But the whole thing showed incompetence.

Politics are just boring and gay.

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