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Lovecraft is always excellent to read. Although an atheist, I believe he owned a King James Bible that he read as a child.

I am currently reading "HP Lovecraft: The Decline of the West":

HP Lovecraft: The Decline of the West

I found an interesting article on Lovecraft:

Lovecraft’s Politics

I bought a used book recently (older Nazi books are expensive):

Hitler and Nazi Germany: A History

Has anyone come across this Hitler book? Me thinks it is a good one.


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I feel spirituality on the books I buy. I discovered several years ago that it was harder to read fiction books bought from Amazon compared to fiction books bought from a traditional book store. Even ebay imo is a better place to buy books compared to Amazon. At least you don't get the whole "mass distributed" book feel. You might want the mass-distributed feel, but I think most readers want to enjoy the content of the book, regardless of the pressure on time that most people need to put up with.

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Reading is kinda gay but I hear The Da Vinci Code is pretty good.

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I just finished Dan Simmons' Hyperion. I liked it, except for the chapter with the Jew, but otherwise it had great worldbuilding, especially near the end. The last chapter was both hilarious and great writing.

Going for the sequel next.


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Lately I've been on a Harold Lamb kick. Started with Swords from the Sea, seafaring swordfighting adventures. Swashbuckling pirates etc. Then Wolf of the Steppes, Cossack horseback swordfighting adventures, one even featuring John Paul Jones and some ships in a river! and now I'm almost done with Swords from the West. Crusader swordfighting adventures, killing Saracens right and left. Awesome.

This shit is GREAT, I cannot recommend it highly enough. If you would like a dose of manliness this is the stuff. White men against shitskins, all over the place. Shitskins lying, cheating and backstabbing right and left, while the White man does the honorable thing every time, and wins in the end. NO frontholes at all, as it should be, except for as the damsel in distress that the noble Knight is trying to rescue from the sneaky shitskins, or sometimes the evil plotting Wicked Queen.

I had never heard of this guy before, I'm so glad I discovered him. He was HUGE back in the day, all these stories first appeared in the pulps in the 20s and 30s. After reading stuff like this I just want to go out and start lopping off heads of shitskins right and left. It's such a refreshing change from any modern shit. It is all SO different from anything that is being published now. When you think that this was how the world was for all of history until the last hundred years it makes you want to cry. Or rather, it makes me want to SLAY MINE ENEMIES.

I don't know if any of you goize know about this:

I don't know how much longer this will go on. You can download almost ANY book, FREE. Current books, in copyright. It's like the LimeWire of books. I don't see how it's possibly legal, I figure it will get SHUT DOWN eventually, but I've gotten about sixty books out of it so far in the past two months. I look the books up on Amazon and then download them from here.

Yes, I read them all, I am pretty voracious. Sadly, I am almost all fiction all the time. I probably read more than Coltraine or Freddy Miles and those guys, but it's all brain candy. But I love it. I don't watch TV, and GU is the only Intertoobz I see. Other than that it's all reading novels. I've always been this way. I can basically sort of speed read, but not speed reading, I read every word. People have often accused me of I must be skipping chapters or something. I often wish I didn't read so fast because I get through the stories so quickly. THey end too soon! For example, I'm almost done with Swords of the West, it's 3,360 pages. I'll finish it in the next hour, I started it on Sunday.

Anyway, I cannot recommend Harold Lamb enough. He's a real dash of cold water in the face to wake you up from KlownWorld.



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Ever read any Rudyard Kipling? You’d love it if you like some good old fashioned funny and forthright presentation of female behavior from a zfg male point of view
Kipling is one of my favorites, along with Jack London. Good White men writing about White men doing White men stuff.

I'm reading Battlefield Earth right now. It's hoaky, but it's pretty fun and engaging too.