My restraining order, and our shared hardship.

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Back in the days of my divorce, my wife was talked into taking out a temporary restraining order on me. In her defense, I was being an utterly unhinged shit and probably deserved it.
Anyhow... I was not able to contact my children for a month while going through the most emotionally painful time of my life, and that month made me fully appreciate both what mattered most to me, and how easy it is to lose what matters most.

The world is currently going through emotionally what I went through. People are feeling what involuntary loneliness and isolation is. They are being forced into introspection. In spite of watching 8 hours of TV daily during this, that introspection is happening nonetheless.
People are learning how truly important other people are. They're learning how desperately they need their friends and their families.

Everyone is going through this painful experience now simultaneously, and we're all going to go through the economic collapse together.
Every one of us, from every corner of the world, from every age group, and nearly every walk of life will share these common experiences.

Things are going to suck, but most of us who live through this will KNOW, unambiguously, what matters and we will be feel a connection with nearly everyone we'll ever meet after this.

Right now, the world is becoming a team, and not in a creepy NWO way, but in the natural way that we've done it our whole existence.

I think we are going to see people caring about people in an authentic way, not in the weirdly impersonal, abstract way of deranged SJWs.

Real life is imposing itself. I can't see goofy issues like "the Bechdel test" rating highly on anyone's list of concerns in 2022. Nor can I see too many people wanting to hear about the Holocaust after they have their own personal stories of hardship.

The old world is dead. It's gone. The seeds of the new one are just now being planted, and they are not all bad. I think we're going to have some improvements.


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Nice post.

However, I would not under estimate people's ability to return to muh diversity, consuming, sports teams, social networks, over buisyness etc. I have now been thru several recessions (73, 79, 87, 91, 01, 08). Pieces were published about a return to simplicity, human connection, etc. And having lived frugally and simply, I can guarantee no one gaf about that stuff in times of out of control wokeness and hyper consuming.

In my case, I am realizing just how dumb and insignificant my crappy jobs were, and really, how insignificant I am. I have had time to look back at, and dream a lot about, my life. It gives me a perspective for when I return, and confront whatever economic crisis will happen, with detachment and indifference.

Moreover, we should maybe watch out with predictions of absolute economic doom, which would be the other side of the same coin telling us this virus is catastrophic. There is a shrill hysteria on both sides of this issue. Both those hysterias might actually play into the hands of the jews.


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We're living in a "Jew Centric Hell" now so whatever comes out on the other side of this is probably a step in the right direction. But in my heart of hearts, unless their is serious suffering, real hard ship, the great unwashed masses are going to bounce back to their normal selves and it's get your drunk on again.