Muslim Delivery Man Who Refused Service To French Jews Deported Back To Algeria


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French immigration authorities deported a 19-year-old immigrant from Algeria who was jailed for refusing to deliver food to Jews after it was discovered he was living France illegally:

Dhia Edine D. was sentenced in January to four months in jail for declining to deliver food made by a kosher restaurant in Strasbourg while he was working there as a food courier for the Deliveroo delivery company.
Upon his arrest, following a complaint to police by the restaurant’s owner for discrimination, the courier was found to have been living illegally in France.
In announcing the deportation on Saturday, Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin wrote on Twitter: “Anti-Semitic hatred has no place in France.
So in other words, if this Muslim had refused to deliver to infidel Christians — or had beheaded a white Frenchman in the streets in broad daylight, he wouldn’t have been deported.

His unforgivable sin was not that he was “living illegally” in France — but rather that he had refused to make a delivery to Jews.

But this shouldn’t surprise Jews in France in anyway — they are well aware that Muslim airline baggage handlers intentionally reroute Israeli luggage out of spite.

And the French Jews know exactly why these Muslims “hate” them — because of the ongoing genocide of the Muslims in Palestine.

But antisemitism in France isn’t apparently confined to the Muslims — as the native French also have their historical distaste of Jewish shenanigans.

The French government, at the behest of powerful Jewish interests, allowed illegal Muslims to flood into France for the sole purpose of undermining and destroying the ethnic French and Christian identity of France.

And they did this knowing full well that many of these Muslim migrants held virulently antisemitic views — but that was a small price to pay to attain the bigger prize — the impossibility of resurrecting the native French identity that could oppose Jewish hegemony.

After all, the French military is now providing armed guards to protect Jews in the streets — a sure sign that Jews are doing absolutely nothing to deserve this “hate.”

With the largest Muslim population in Europe, France is no longer a cohesive nation in any real sense as it was only 50 years ago — and in another 50 years, France will unrecognizable — and the term “French” will become just as meaningless as “European.”

And as France grows progressively darker, and more violent — more and more Jews are leaving — more making aliyah to Israel every year — despite the pleadings of French President Macron.


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Really? A French cabinet minister had to comment about this?

How do people still claim with a straight face that jews don't have a brutal stranglehold on all levers of power in Western civilization. Rapefugees are murdering French people, and not only does the govt ignore it, they're not deported. And it's often some jew run NGO who brought them in/defends them in court.

But deny some kike his matzoh balls and it's a national outrage.

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The jews are such a poor, powerless and persecuted minority.
No shit, he wouldn’t get deported for raping 12 year olds, but no food for jews - gone. Of course jew power is age old antisemitic trope and whoever keeps spreading it will feel the full brunt of jew power and influence.