Monkeypox -- Loneliness and Pain


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42 years old going on late 50's. Totally healthy immune system I promise! Get another booster.

My apologies for fagging up our Rwandan video game forum with that image, but monkeypox is really the funniest thing to hit the news in years. Someone in the deep state actually decided to run with this. Rampant, out-of-control homosexual activity is "good", but EVIL NATURE is once again UNFAIRLY DISCRIMINATING against peterpuffers for NO REASON. There are over 60 trillion homosexuals in the US (which is the exact number of jews lampshaded in the holocaust, which is just as real as coronavirus if not more so), but only 59 trillion "remarkably safe and effective" monkeypox vaccines. This is an OUTRAGE!11 Of course, people of the color (which is brown) should be prioritized.

Depraved faggots are receiving the predictable consequences for their absolute repugnant behavior. A few children with contact with homosexuals have gotten monkeypox too but DON'T ASK QUESTIONS GOY, THAT'S HOMOPHOBIC!!!111 The former should be of primary concern to you, after Taiwan of course. What's Ukraine? Oh... that was so 2000-and-late.

A Texas man who recently contracted monkeypox, now commonly being called MPV, received a lot of mixed attention after sharing images of the progression of the infection, which has manifested itself in part on his face. By sharing his MPV experience in public, the gay Houstonian says he hopes to raise awareness about its prevalence while also removing the stigma and bringing attention to its isolation.
I'm going to remove the stigma!

Baselessly claiming without evidence that MONKEYPOX is being called MPV instead of the vastly more popular "fagpox" or "OMG it's a zombie virus, we'd better put it down", we're going to remove the stigma from a flagrantly flamboyant fudgepacker and his frigged-up face. You wouldn't turn down a Mexican fag just because he's riddled with multiple diseases, would you? AIDS for everyone!

a weekend event attended by queer men on Lake Travis, to have a leisurely time on the water.

“It’s a lake, boat, shoreline kind of thing,” says the 42-year-old tech professional.
So oppressed they are that he doesn't have to put any effort into his lies.

Ultimately, his doctor did not require a test result to recognize that he had MPV.
That doctor must have an IQ of 160!111 I mean, wow, how could he know!? Be careful to not answer homophobically, goyim :6)

Unlike many who have contracted MPV, he does not believe it was acquired through sex.


“I have a promiscuous nature, and I have casual sex,” he says, “but the particular weekend that I would have gotten it, I was not being that wild.
Not THAT wild, goyim. He only took it up the butt like 16 or 17 times.

According to him, on the 4th of July weekend, he had taken his shirt off in crowded gay bars, where countless sweaty people rubbed up against him. He says he believes he caught MPV by kissing someone.

“I probably made out with several people at the bar,” he says, “and a lot of hugging went on.”
>not THAT wild
>made out with several people at the bar
>shirtless hugging in crowded sweaty fag bar for gays

Is this the final stage of a decadent and corrupt deep-state? Are they really laughing at us? This is just comedy, now.

As TPOXX wasn’t available to him then, Wallace’s doctor prescribed Vicodin and gabapentin, an anticonvulsant nerve pain medication.
I've heard that there are these tablets that would have really helped. What are they called... potassium cyanide! I think it's some sort of supplement.

".... very differently from COVID, we had the tools. We have a vaccine that’s 85 percent effective
OOPS! One of the good goy gays let out an accidental oopsie, admitting that faxpox has a vaccine (who cares?) while the covid clotshots are neither vaccines nor effective (unless you're trying to cause heart attacks, strokes, etc.)

“There are people I know who have turned their backs on me, and I’ve gotten messages of hate and vitriol, trying to shame me and stigmatize me,” Wallace says. “But that’s not going to work.”
Behold the power of the bugchasers! Don't worry, you'll get the bill for this.

Wallace says through tears that it has been hard to live with the equivalent of a societal scarlet letter on his face.
Waaaah! No symptoms in normal people, yet a month later still bitching? Go find a bugchaser.

But he says he draws strength from knowing that his story will help other people in the LGBTQ+ community (who have been the most vulnerable to the virus so far).

“So what I knew to do was to help others,” he says.
This is where he told everyone to find Jesus and stop with the disgusting fag shit, right? I mean, we all know how it's sprea-

So, after speaking with some friends, he says he decided to come forward and share his experience to take the shame out of MPV.

If I ran ICEE, I would sue.

The enemy clearly isn't competent. This system cannot hold. Hopefully the collapse doesn't include white men getting shredded by Chinese or Russian hypersonics, but in the meantime comedy like this is "free"... plus 20% inflation and new taxes.