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A hideous disease first identified in The Congo of 1958 in lab monkeys may soon be coming to the USA. Monkey Pox which is related to the variola virus (Small Pox) has in the last few years appeared in Israel, United Kingdom, and Singapore. The disease begins with fever, migraine, muscle and back pain, chills, swollen lymph nodes and debilitation, then a rash of macules appear on the face which eventually spread all over the body. These macules lead to pustules which then form crusty scabs. Monkey pox can also involve bronchopnuemonia, and if the eyes are infected can lead to blindness. About 11% of kids die from the disease.
There is some speculation that with the open borders policy of the Biden Administration, large numbers of Africans from Cameroon and the Central African Republic will pour into Texas through the porous border and potentially bring Monkey Pox to the Lower 48.
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On that map, I'm wondering what the majority black city in Michigan's UP is supposed to be?


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Who'd have guessed spreading 3rd world subhumans throughout the western world would result in diseases endemic to tropical regions these subhumans inhabit being spread with them. Totally unexpected really.


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