Mitch McConnell Says Democrats are the Real Anti-Vaxxers

Andrew Anglin

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell is out there this week saying that the Democrats are the real anti-vaxxers.

WATCH: Despite right-wing misinfo obviously causing
’s vaccine hesitancy, McConnell blames BIDEN for the vaccination rate, saying β€œthey inherited a good trajectory from Republican leadership."

One of the most shameless things you’ll ever see.

β€” The Tennessee Holler (@TheTNHoller) July 27, 2021

Meanwhile, House Republican Leader Steve Scalise was found on Falun Gong social media platform GETTR saying this same thing.

I recently wrote a long and I think very good piece on the β€œI know you are, but what am I?” strategy of the Republicans in dealing with any single issue.

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Republicans do not stand for anything, at all, and their go to move is simply to listen to whatever the Democrats accuse them of, and then accuse the Democrats of that thing.

There is zero desire by the Republicans to set their own agenda, and they will always simply take the agenda of the Democrats and say that they are the ones who are actually pushing that agenda.

It’s funny and it’s amazing.

But it is also sad and ridiculous.

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And in terms of grifting there's no one worse at this point in time on the Right than Steve Bannon:


These people are truly worse than any Democrat or even Jew in my book.

We will never win as long as these people are still allowed to steer our internal, national conversation in whichever direction is best suited for Israeli Intelligence!
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The Dems are the real racists, and the GOP trots out pics of the clan and brings in the tokens to show them the GOP isn't. The Dems are the real transphobes, and Hannity brings on Bruce Jenner. :cautious: o_O :LOL: Waitin in the wings? The Dems are the real homophobes! The GOP will trot out non tranny faggots, and Hannity will be on TV spouting how he's not gay but to show he's not a homophobe, he sucked a dick. "I'm just not scared of it, and to be honest it was very delicious. Now they on the left, the pscycho Democrats and the media mob, they won't do that. But we will. We'll suck all kinds of dicks"- Hannity


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Vaccines are the real pandemic