Masked Hero: This Black Man Saved the Day and Saved the School

Andrew Anglin

White people do nothing but insurrections, extremism and terrorism.

They are killing us all because they refuse the safe and effective coronavirus vaccine.

Meanwhile, blacks are helpful and kind-hearted people with high morality.

While whites are doing extremism and spreading disease, blacks are saving the school.

At some point, we have to ask:

With all of the evil whites have done, isn’t it time to just exterminate them?

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In my experience, yes, custodians everywhere are just always most concerned about "keeping the students on track".

It's what they teach these individuals in Custodial School while they're learning the myriad custodial arts.

And "keeping the students on track" is probably the foundation of all those various arts indeed. For nothing else can be accomplished without it!

But now I wanna talk seriously about the gender identity pay-gap throughout the custodial world in general. Pay attention. This is important.


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With all of the evil whites have done, isn’t it time to just exterminate them?
It’s a serious question. These people are endangering us all β€” endangering the entire world, actually.

The US and other national constitutions are not a suicide pacts. Extremist whites are mass murderers, and no reasonable person would maintain that mass murderers have a right to life.

The governments of the world have a solemn duty to protect their citizens. If they have to eliminate extremist whites in order to do it, then so be it.

Get r done!
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With all of the evil whites have done, isn’t it time to just exterminate them?
According to Madelaine Albright (if she’s still alive), it’s all right.
Yes it’s worth it.


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More top down cultural fodder.

During Hurricane Katrina, the local response (all blacks, diversity hires) were completely "dysfunctional" and led to FEMA being repurposed to deal w/ hands on local response efforts, as theyinitially relied on local authorities, who they assumed were Americans, full of self-sacrifice and high IQs, etc...., they were blindsided by the dysfunction of the New Orleans communitites.

That's right. Day be no better than da Haitians.