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Two low effort trash threads recently made by @CLM555

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Are you supposed to report on low effort trash threads here? Reporting them would be more efficient, but Qanon said we shouldn't.
don't bother, i'm just going to decimate bad posters until people get the fucking point


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Are you supposed to report on low effort trash threads here? Reporting them would be more efficient, but Qanon said we shouldn't.
Eh, I dunno. Reporting them can't hurt, and these threads have been up for a while.

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This is how you use the shit thread: for joke replies

I don't care for trains but I care for what they are carrying and where they are going. If you know what I mean?
My wifes jew uncle and i were discussing socialism and he is (uh WAS) an old communist and I said something about getting trains to run on time. Uncle Steve starts shvitzing and says "yeah but where would the trains be going"

Which made me laugh so hard inside. I wish i could tell that old kike before he died that I dont believe in the great myth.


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Only 11 members on rn, makes me feel exclusive 👌🏻


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Archived some posts from the "Pandadude12345 got the vaccine after flipping out" thread (which he wants to get deleted). 1/2
Tell her that it's an experimental Vaccine, that you care about the family relationship you have with her and that if anythng happens to you, you know you wouldn't be able to forgive her and love her after that.
By the way, ABSOLUTLEY DON'T TAKE THE VAX, under any circomstances.

Edit: that's all I can think of considering that it's a total waste of time to educate your mother.
Albiet young, you are a man. Is your father not around? Why are you arguing with women?

If you have to talk to her, gather all the resources that show it could harm reproduction. Make it clear there is a chance SHE won't have grandkids. Make it all about her and how you want to giver her those things.
To reiterate, she will google search vaccines and it will say there is no link to infertility. Well, how do they know that? They didn't do any trials on animals or test subjects. They rushed it into production and started irresponsibly, aggressively demanding everyone take it.

The fact is, until you wait 5-10 years, as is normal for a vaccine to reach market, you can't make an educated decision.
If you are an adult, don’t debate her. Just make your point and say that it is a experimental vaccine, and you don’t feel comfortable taking the risk. That’s all. Don’t argue, just make your point and stand your ground as a man.
Tell your dad about the infertility aspect of it and that his name dies with you if you get the vax.
If he does nothing look him square in the eye and tell him perhaps your lucky you may become sterile for he is weak and his bloodline shouldnt proceed further in time.
It sounds like your life is coming to a fork in the road. Imagine yourself in either position: sitting at home eating your cereal under the rule of a feminine tyrant who bullies you into doing things to your body against your will, or eating ramen an sleeping on a friend's couch scraping up enough money to rent an apartment close to work?

I'm not going to tell you what to do, but my greatest stories come from my struggles and those things are what made me a man.
You don’t need a car brother. You need your eternal soul not to be stained by the mark of Satan. Stay strong.
She thinks she has you by the balls. Show her otherwise. If she kicks you out, a car is important, but driven people overcome every day. Apply for government assistance as soon as you walk out the door. Tell her to not bother trying to claim you as a dependent in 2021 and get a PO Box set up.
You’re an adult. Tell her you’ve read medical things that gave you stern pause— and that you’d like your autonomy and choices to be respected.
It sounds like if you're in school, you may have to put your life on hold to stick to what you believe. That would require a nigger job or an apprenticeship into a trade. Which it's whatever. Dudes your age own houses with swimming pools by their mid twenties when they go into a trade. Work the nigger job while you're applying for journeyman school with Duke or AEP or something of the sort.
Obviously you have to talk to your father in a man-to-man situation with the most grave tone possible. Show him you respect him, and explain to him that this is beyond asking for a favor. You need to battle the mother by proxy if you have to.
Your father most likely feels he hasn't done a good job raising you, like most fathers nowadays, so this is the opportunity for him to make it up; if he can see this, you'll win him. Because it's way easier to act in a jab (superhero style) than in a long methodic laborious process (which is the real accomplishment).
Let us know !
Reply "No" then

Listen to this nigga.........listen closely and attentively........GET INTO A TRADE
Panda, even Andrew has a day job. Right now, I am working out a 10 year plan to start my own business so I can be my own boss. It's going to take at least that long, and I will receive no income whilst I pay off the principle and reinvest. It will consume most all my nights and weekends.

BUT none of that would be possible without a solid source of income. You gotta get grounded because it sounds like you are going to have to man up for the first time this afternoon. This is serious stuff.
WTF dude... why can't you just lie?

and if you're so concerned then just don't do it and don't go on your trip! you're letting your mom dictate something you think is going to kill you or hurt you or make you infertile -- just so you can go on a trip???

a Blog is not a real job you need a real job with income so you can move out and not have to listen to your mom and be independent

I'm not that much older than you and I generally like your posts so sorry for being tough but it's hard for me to have sympathy right now because you shouldn't need the advice of strangers on the internet you should be able to follow your gut and it might mean getting an argument with your mom but we've all been there with moms/women so just man up and either tell her no or lie and go print out a fake little vaccine card or something
It doesn't matter what advise from what account, lol every ultimatum we lay out is either man up or be a weasel sissy boy coward :LOL: Strangers? Yeah, but in a way not. The accounts I follow, I place a high value on their opinions.
Tell her you got it, print out a fake vaccine record card and show it to her.

It is not a sin to lie, the commandment not to bear false witness is not applicable here.
You broke two rules
  1. Don't redpill your parents
  2. Don't talk about Fight Club (don't tell normies about non-kosher websites until you vetted them)
Here! Here! LISTEN UP BOYS. You'll NEVER be sorry you did it. You'll say: "Thank God I listened to those White Guys!" View attachment 49990
Sounds like you have no choice. Your life is obviously too soft and you're completely too dependent on your mom. I was surprised when I looked at your age in your bio because by the time I was your age, I had already completed my first enlistment in the Army. I can't beleive that you don't have a job and haven't already been able to buy your own car by this time. Your life is too soft.

Just take the jab, pray you don't suffer a side effect and then immediately start taking steps to achieving independence. Tell your mom that you are changed and don't beleive the GU stuff anymore to keep the peace and keep a low profile. Be the grey man.

If you don't, it sounds like mom might dig in and put a nanny app on your home router so that you can't visit GU and other dissident sites.

I'll pray for you too, brother. Let us know if you make it through alright.
Don't get that vaccine bro. You'll end up a drooling retard who believes in Global Warming.
It's an expensive waste-of-time - UNLESS your field requires it and you don't have a choice. That aside, it's a big fat waste.
Leave home, stay at a shitty hostel if you must, find work, struggle, live by your own decisions, become a man -- even if it means being a poor man at first.

It will definitely be an uncomfortable experience at first, until you are stable enough to afford your own comforts.

You'll have entertaining and educational stories for your kids and grandkids.

You'll meet other people who are struggling as well; some can be allies, others will want to rip you off. Learning to identify and deal with them appropriately is an absolute must.

There's nothing great to be gained by remaining in your current situation.

If, by chance or design, you do encounter great things in your current state: do you have the experience and skill to maintain them?

My guess is no, because it is quite unlikely for people who have not earned their great things.

"This all came to me easily; I can squander it all and get it again any time," they say.

Develop your independence and fighting spirit by becoming independent and fighting.

Just go.
That’s what it sounds like to me too @Pandadude12345. My first instinct would be to just run and figure things out as I went.

You have a phone and maybe a little bit of money too? Pull out as much cash as you can and... hell, get an Amtrak ticket to somewhere.

These kinds of things sometimes force us to make decisions we were otherwise too scared to make during peacetime.

Don’t let these people tell you who you are.
Friend, if you have to have it for a trip, then maybe sacrifice the trip instead?

I hope I'm not too late to talk to you.
I left my house at 19. You can always leave. There is work to be found in places, you just have to take the plunge and leave the nest.

Or just make a fake vax card and tell her you got it. She won't know. That info is on the forum somewhere. It's not too hard to make.
Time to get outta there dude. I know easier said than done but....
"I love you guys. But I'm not taking that thing. You take the trip without me if that's the requirement."

That's it. You just keep repeating it until they accept that's your position.

Don't bother trying to explain, don't try to communicate, just hold the line on it.

Let them go through the emotions: anger, bargaining, pleading, and so on.

That's your task, and it's very simple. You just hold the line and repeat that phrase.

Don't worry about the consequences. Whatever they threaten you with, just tell them, "I understand. If that's what it has to be."

That is how you deal with these sorts of confrontations, where you are being ordered around, as a young adult, by parents.

If they calm down and want to have a reasoned conversation with you, instead of ordering and demanding you, you can do that then.

Until that point, where they can talk to you like an adult, all you can do is hold the line.
How much does it cost to live where you are? Rent + groceries + utilities?

Do you have the ability to earn a living anywhere within walking distance of such a place? Even as a grocery cashier at a small store works. If you have technical skills (computers, development), I may be able to throw some small work your way to help ends meet until you get on your own feet.

Alternately, how are your public transportation options?

We all have to grow up each our own way. Perhaps this is God's calling to you.
Do you want to live a comfortable life or your own life?
Time to be a man.
Do what you feel you got to do.
Absolutely no one should be forced to take a vaccine because the infection of Covid tends to have a high recovery rate.

I know people who had a Covid vaccine at their own choice and never had any issues. I can't prevent anyone taking a Covid vaccine.

If I was in your shoes, I would delay it much as possible, try telling them I want to speak to the doctor first because of hesitation with side effects etc.

Also question your parents if the trip seriously requires a Covid vaccination with statements from the government/company website?
Tell her that she's the one being selfish.

Tell her it's "Your Body, Your Choice"!

And that you want to be able to have kids one day for you- not her. And that you're not going to allow her to take that opportunity away from you.
I hope you get enough money to leave them as soon as possible.

I knew people who live together who have disagreements and barely had any rows and fights.
The grand total of 20 year olds killed by covid worldwide is zero.
Do your folks even understand this?
There's your answer, Panda.

10K is more than enough to at the very least throw your own ultimatum back in your parents' faces if you absolutely have to as a last resort against not being forced into getting so-called "vaccinated" by your parents.

Just tell them that you are going to move out if they don't relent. You already said how you provide help for your parents and sister by taking your sister places in the car. I would assume that this is not all that you do in order to help them out. So you now threaten to take that away from them if they don't relent. It's that simple.

But you do have to be willing to follow through though. You have to be willing to cut all ties if necessary.

I will just say that I moved out of my parents' house as soon as I graduated from high school with only a small fraction of 10K in my pocket. And that's more than enough to get you set up somewhere temporarily until you can find steady employment.

Make it clear to your parents that you really don't want to do this, but that they are forcing your hand here.

This is a good approach, I think, because it takes the ultimatum that they put on you and now it reverses the ultimatum to be then put upon them!
Just because your parents say something doesn't make it true. You have to understand and speak up for yourself. YOU need to know whether or not you are able to live on your own (you are), and whether you need parents making all of your decisions for you or not (you do not).

So again: Are YOU ready to start manning up and living on your own?
I am son of a widow. Been under her influence since age of 10 when dad passed away.
Nevertheless: At twelve I ran from home for the first time just to show her I don't give a damn and no one is ruling over me against my will.
At 14 if I recall correctly I threw a knife so masterfully that it ended in her shin bone, just little scratch.
She lost her power over me at my 16 or so when in mad fit of anger she tried to beat me up using both hands and I Bruce Lee'd her without even hitting her; she ran to her room crying with helplessness.

You're a man. Assert yourself. Be a cunt to her if you have to. Treat her like shit. Show her what her place is. It doesn't matter, if she gets in your face? She has it coming.

I've had to verbally insult and degrade my mother to get her to get in line. If you knew what she's like, you'd understand. And I'm betting you do.
Well, what's done is done. No going back now.

It sounds like you have other issues to solve, regardless.

I seriously want to respectfulle recommend you read this: http://www.sonsofnarcissisticmothers.org/npdfamily.html
Dad's orders... tell him to stop acting like a woman. Do not get the experimental biological agent, a.k.a., the COVID vaccine. Tell them it's non-negotiable.
Let this incident serve as a watershed moment for you - a revealing of what your parents/mom think of your opinions, whether or not they respect you enough to honor your wishes about your own being, and also what it is you "tell" others with how you present yourself and how you live.

Never let something like this just be a "negative"; mine something out of it. Learn from it. Use it to benefit yourself in some way.

I guarantee, if I was you, I would be starting the process of extricating myself from your current position in life. You're 20 year old for God's sake - you're old enough to be your own man and determine the course of your life.
You must make it a point in your mind that this is the last time you get bossed around by a woman.

Mothers do not exist to be your boss. They are terrible advice givers, they can't make good decisions on their own, and they DO NOT have the authority to tell you what to do post 16 years of age.

Allowing them to do that afterwards is a sign of weakness and poor fathering.
Pandadude, this is a shit test by the first woman in your life. She is bullying you and not respecting you as an adult.

You must stand up to her. Women will try to bully you and control you. If you don't stand up for yourself, women will lose respect for you. If they don't respect you, they can't love you.

I know she's your mother, but you must stand your ground and not let her control you.
Odds are in your favor. It's *possible* that the ZOG put a sterility agent in the jab, but if they did that en masse, then people would figure it out pretty quickly and there'd be civil unrest. That *could* be the case since it it is overwhelmingly whites who are voluntarily complying, but there's only a chance for that.

It's also possible that there only putting in a sterility agent in a percentage of vials to slowly start the white genocide so people wouldn't notice all at once.

Because "covid" is essentially a variant of the common cold and there never was and never will be a "vaccine" for it because it's constantly changing, I see the most imminent threat being to condition whites into taking endless vaccines for the new "strains" at which point they will start to introduce sterility agents, slowly, to render most whites impotent.

I think that if and when they introduce such agents (if it hasn't already begun) they will not target making women barren because they still want white women to reproduce with browns.

So your updates on your reaction will most likely that you will do okay, but the real test won't be apparent until you try to get a girl pregnant and you won't be able to. That might not be for years and years.

Like Andrew reminds us, I would concentrate on prayer and lifting weights so even if you do become sterile, you'll still be able to be an effective warrior.
Don't worry about it too much, these early versions of the vaccine are unlikely to be that bad, it will take them several iterations before they start cranking out the really harmfull stuff.
The more you make a big deal out of it the more you handicap your body's ability to deal with any effects it may have, the largest part of health is in the psyche.

Just forget about it as you seem to have more important issues to deal with, get your life sorted.
You just didn't like the advice. You are complacent and love the easy life. You need to grow up. Nobody can order you around like a house nigger. You should've drawn the line at this, and you should still draw a line.
Last time I offer to help anyone on the forum unsolicited, I guess.

To everyone else, I'm always happy to advise on life and business. Just ping me with what's going on and we can try to figure it out.
Look, I'm not trying to be critical of you personally, but you can't expect anonymous people on a forum to give you advice within one hour of a major problem. I'll give you two pieces of advice that I promise are worthwhile:

  • You need to take responsibility for yourself as a man. Simply: own the fact that you can't blame others for what you do. You are the decider.
  • You need to find a mentor. It really sounds like you've missed out on a good man to lead and train you as you grew up. I'm sorry about that, and it's an epidemic among young men. But you can make it right. You can get there.
On a positive note, you're obviously "red-pilled" to some degree or you wouldn't be here. Good. You're a truth-seeker: you're way ahead of most people. I hope you read the previous link I sent you. And maybe check out the old https://heartiste.org/ archives too.

You can become your own man, and you can work your way out of your self-described cowardice.

In fact, I bet you already know the way. The thing that matters, I suppose, is what you do with what you know. I wish you the best.
Next time one of you guys is looking for advice about taking the vaxx my advice is take it. Take three shots if you want. I don't care.

Anyone who doesn't know enough not to take this vaccine is dead weight as far as I'm concerned.
Don't talk to yourself that way! Would you stand by and allow someone to talk that way to a small child, or someone vulnerable? No way. You'd hate to see it. So don't do that to yourself.

Tell yourself positive things. Treat yourself with respect.

We're all rooting for you here. I want to see you rooting for yourself, too.

We're on your side; you need to be on your own side as well.

You had a bad day - sure; now get it behind you and look forward.
Do you want me to come to your house to personally whip you? I might do that, or I could take a chair and start wrecking my living room.

Do you get anything out of indulging in this self-pity, this wallowing in bad thoughts about yourself? I'm gonna answer that for you: no. Nobody is keeping you from treading your own path but yourself. I demand of you that until next week, you have stopped eating junk completely, forever. No high sugar, high fat stuff for you anymore. Then, you are going to clean up the rest of your diet. Then, you are going to buy dumbbells and start training. Assuming you don't move out, which you probably should.

You also said that you scored high on some intelligence test earlier in the thread, and now you claim that you are stupid. This depressed state of mind is counter productive to everything you try to do. It permeates everything. Stop feeding those thoughts. Maybe try to pray every time you get them.

The best thing that you can probably do to improve your mood and outlook is to stop watching porn and masturbating. I am serious. Stop.

You may find useful information in this thread:

Or whatever, you apparently don't listen to people's advice.
Welp it was nice knowing you @Pandadude12345. After the second shot I fully expect to hear about you having cerebral palsy
Tell your mom no and don't take it. Trust me, she will back off.
are you saying you just got the shot?
Just 5 minutes ago, am making this a documentary on the results. Arm hurts a bit, but that's low pain tolerance.
Mom says I'll be bankrupt by month 3, unironically.
Food, she estimates 450, she says 1K for house, 866 for car insurance, 300 for Phone and internet, 200 for water, and 200 for electrical.
Why did you let them bully you into it instead of letting us bully you out of it?
That stupid - um. That is a stupid thing to say. First of all, you shouldn't put much value in something a woman says, in general. In some cases, it might be different with your mother, but since she just made you let yourself get inject with an experimental gene therapy with unknown long-term consequences, why would you put value in this assertion? She said that in order to get you to not move out. You could move out and live rather 'comfortably' for a rather long time with this money, while your are setting yourself up to establish yourself.
Gay. Go make your documentary on Reddit. You should be ashamed of yourself for not standing up to this disaster. Everyone here gave your solid advice, told you to MAN THE FUCK UP, and you cucked.
Stop offering advice to this guy, he wants to sit around and "blog" about this, that is on him. He obviously did not listen to anything the people in here told him, and somehow magically was waiting in line to get the jab when this post started. Fuck outta here with this shit.
Buy a gun and stock of ammo if you haven't already. Better to have and not need...

Also a gym membership - are you lifting weights already?
And by getting the jab, and cucking you basically told us all to fuck off because mommy. Weak. I'm outta here, this is turning into cuckers uprising. Fucking weak sauce shit.
Now they also know it worked...
I don't know what you're talkin about, people did give you advice, pretty good life advice. You started by asking for debate tips which is where you're in the wrong mindset right there - thinking you could have a rational debate with your mom and have it go anywhere.

So your only options were to stand up to her or to lie and I took time to find and give you the tools you needed to adequately lie which was just a waste because it sounds like you were always just going to do what your mom told you. so you wasted everyone's time who was trying to tell you how to be a man

Based on what you've said you need to spend wayyyy less time on the internet / computer games / electronic devices and grow up and be productive.

you should get off of the forum and not get on again until you can report back to us that you found a job.
How someone can be a regular on this forum and still get the jab is beyond my comprehension; it's like sodomy - on paper, I know what it entails - but to actually do it is unfathomable. Nobody is being told to learn to code or become a nuclear physicist - just don't get the vax.
$800 is the cheapest rent in South Carolina for a one bedroom home - if some website on the internet is to be believed. But you don't need an entire house to live!! You can easily find ROOMS to rent in your area either by craigslist or old fashioned in the newspapers (which are free to read in just about every gas station and cafe in the state).

Get a low income car insurance plan, they're definitely out there and will be far cheaper than $866 (this is per year btw, not per month)

Water and electrical if split with roommates should not amount to more than $25 to $50 a month

The rest is food. Learn to cook and your costs will generally stay lower than if you eat McShit food daily (though honestly fast food is fairly cheap as well, it would take a LOT of eating to cost $450 a month)
Side note to everyone in the thread: "Jab" is a cutesy British phrase meant to make this gene altering drug sound cutesy and harmless to the idiots. Please don't modify your thinking by adopting their use of their language.
This is only what I would do. Not advice for what you should do.

I would move out. Find my own way. I would never say mean things to my family, or debate about it to them.

We both know they are being selfish, but they just don't see it that way.

Make your own path in life, but I am giving an example of what I would do in your shoes. Each person has their own thing going on in life. Details that cannot always be mentioned here due to personal or doxx reasons, so instead of judging you I say think about it and do what feels right in your heart.

(P.s. I wouldn't get the vax...)
Because they give him the nice car to drive and the soft life - no bills to pay, mom shops for his favorite foods, buy him a cool PC.

He had a tough choice (not being sarcastic).

Many of us in here are dissidents because we had a hard life and the choice was made for us, essentially. I joined the Army when I was 17 and my mom had to sign a waiver for me to enlist and she was happy to see me go - this dude's mom wants him around and to be dependent on her.

I empathize (not to be confused with sympathize) with what @Pandadude12345 is going through and hopefully this will motivate him to start on his own path to righteousness.
Yeah well I've been through some hard sh!t so that's how my mind works. I've told my own kids they're off the team if they get the vaxx. I told the lady I've been hanging out with for the last year or so to hit the road because she's leftist and believes the narrative. No prisoners, no converts.

I'll fight to the death for people who are willing to fight but I'm not carrying anyone who can't even stand up to their mom because free internet and car insurance.

Sorry Pandadude, the way I see it you owe me 100,000,000 pushups and even after that you have to sleep outside.
There's a lot of solid counsel in this thread. I hope it doesn't get deleted.

"...to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin".
OP went through some of the expenses he would have to pay on his own (most of which can be done without); Aztecs come to the U.S. with the clothes on their back and little goblins to feed...
It is important to be aware of the fact that real life exists.
Panda you have 10k?? You could of 1) bribed the doctor 2) told your mom to get off your back and moved out 3) thought of anything else instead of bitching on the forum.

It was nice knowing you Panda I will miss your autistic postings on here.
Tough love is important and it works often, but we are now at a point after the fact. The dust has settled. All he can do now is learn from his mistake, move foreword by becoming more of a man and more disagreeable, and hope to God the vax doesn't cause serious damage.

All in all, Panda isn't going anywhere; he will still stay here, and he'll remain one of our many brothers.
Man, this shit reminds me of how hard my parents tried to control my life and manage my every decision. All the things I floated by them, that I was considering doing with my life, were shot down. "You can't do X, you'll never make enough money, you'll fail" etc. "You have to go to college and make 6 figures". Welp, they were wrong about everything. I feel for this kid. I told my mom I was gonna move to another state, boy how she FREAKED out. She came up with all sorts of reasons, but in the end it was simply fear and the desire to be in control.
Ten thousand USD is quite a chunk of change, at least until the dollar crashes as everyone says it will. Do WWOOFing, do Workaway, do couch surfing, literally anything. You can survive off ten K for quite a long time if you're willing to be extremely frugal.
For ten thousand dollars you could buy a sick dual sport motorcycle and all the shit you need to go live innawoods

or like... most of the shit you'd need to start a landscaping company.
A good man will want to be a good son. Also, a good man will recognize when his mom/dad is overstepping their boundaries.

He will say, "I want to be a good son, and I did my part. But this is unreasonable. I have my own life to live. I only get one chance to live it, and God gave me a certain amount of years to do so."

Good parents would want their child to do that; selfish parents want to squeeze every bit of life out of their child for their own interests

It's called a narcissistic parent. Usually it's the mom.

For every man in that situation, there's a "do or die" moment. Often, the son has to go into what is called "no contact" mode.

Many men don't have the backbone to do that. Usually, they lose all family support. Most people can't stand to be alone for a while and build an independent life, when they've been in that situation.

But it's hard for them to see that the life they had was an illusion: their narcissist parent/family never had real love for them in the first place.

It can seem black pill, and most people really do find the blue pill easier to swallow.
Maybe now is the time to have a thread solely about avoiding the vaccine. Ways to live on your own. How to find work. How to live in your car. This life advice will come in handy in the event of a divorce or a doxx, so it would prove life saving.
yeah or like go camping in the desert out west... might sound fanciful but people do it all the time for fun. Or you could do it in an old 4Runner if bikes aren't your thing. It's called overlanding.

Imagine you buy some old jeep and tell your parents your going out to live in the desert of nevada! And just don't call them for a few months LMAO. Maybe you meet some mormon girl you can live with, idk. All I'm saying is with what you've got going on, 10k might be enough to mke a different play
Bankruptcy is not the end of the world. I know people who were homeless, bankrupt or in jail at some point in their lives. (Or all of that) The World doesn't end because of that - unless you completely fuck it up.

You're 20 years old. Get out of your parents house, get a job, get a degree (in something useful like engineering, medicine, etc, forget that Latin stuff, you can do that once you're financially independent) or learn a trade. It will take time, it won't be fun, but as people ITT said it's all about struggle in the end.

Your parents will treat you as your kid at every age, it's impossible to "red pill" them. If they want to take the vax, accept it. Most likely they won't die because of it anyway, but see it as wink by God, nature or fate that it's time to grow up and stay on your own feet.

That's all I can say.
I agree with the rest of your post, but I don't like this. Trying to get your parents to reject an experimental gene therapy "vaccine" is not the same as trying to "red pill" them, and is worth the effort. Personally, if I would have to rank it, I would say that I am more concerned with young people taking it, because the possibilities of these gene therapy "vaccines" causing infertility or messing with your DNA, which then gets carried on in the lineage, are more relevant for them, but it is not a good idea for anyone.
Erm...yes you did. If you're 20, then you got it willingly. You made a choice to sacrifice your beliefs for temporary comfort.
What's the first practical action Pandadude can take tomorrow?

Forget the long term plan for the moment: what is step 1? And then what is step 2?

Yes I realize he ignored our first advice, but think of it as a thought exercise.
Bro, your mom just lied to you to your face, or at least over-exaggerated in the heat of the moment. If you spend more than $100 a month on food for one person, you're overspending. You can get phone and internet for something like $100 together. You could probably find a place for under $1,000. Water will never reach even $100 in any state. This is a link that shows rates in different counties in South Carolina. https://efc.sog.unc.edu/resource/south-carolina-water-and-wastewater-rates-dashboard.

Electricity is unlikely to reach $200. Here a link on the average rate in South Carolina. https://www.electricitylocal.com/states/south-carolina/. If you buy an old car in poor condition, and a reliable car like a Honda Accord or Toyota Camry, you can get a very low rate. $866 makes sense for a 20-year-old, but it's still on the very high end.

And in any case, you're supposed to get a job and then use your savings as a supplement. You could live on $10,000 in savings for quite a while if you work at the same time. If I were you, I would have moved out a long time ago. You're seriously set. Look up the highest-paying trades in your state, get an entry-level job in that trade, and move out. By the time your savings run out, you should be making enough to live on your income; that's assuming that you spend your money responsibly and don't waste a single dollar on things that are either too expensive or that you don't need.

I also suggest getting your own savings account, ideally with a different bank than you have right now, and transferring your money there. And don't tell your parents.

You took the vaccine. That was, firstly, cringe; secondly, gay; and thirdly, retarded. You could die from this in the future, or you might survive. Either way, you are now subject to this decision. You can do penance by, firstly, not taking the second dose, and, secondly, going to your parents and saying the following, or something like it:

With all due respect. I didn't want to take that vaccine, but you pressured me into doing it. I'm not going to allow that to happen again; I'm not taking the second dose.

Whatever they say in response, just say, "No, I'm not taking the second dose," or whatever makes sense in the situation. Don't say anything else, or try to argue with them: the idea is to make it clear that there is no argument in regards to this. If your dad threatens to attack you, dare him to. If your mom blows up at you, ignore her. And don't go on that trip on principle.

If you follow these tips, you will grow several inches, become jacked, develop a sharp jawline, and get any girls you want within a matter of a week; and, most importantly, you will developed some self-respect and confidence.
Good start, but...

Maybe you missed it, but you never answered me:

Are you lifting weights?

Do you own your own gun and ammo that only you know about?

Are you off of porn?
I completely forgot that I bookmarked this until you posted that:

Russell Blaylock, MD - What To Do If Force Vaccinated

Whether it's legitimate or whether it applies to an mRNA vaccine, I don't know, but none of what he states will be harmful, at least.
Step 1 is asking the lord for forgiveness.

Step 2 is making sure you never go through life being controlled like that ever again.

He isn't 16. He isn't 18. Panda has had months of warning about this vax, and he caved in to his parents threat. What's done is done. But instead of crying over spilled milk we should encourage others to avoid the shot. If I have time later tonight I will start a thread for that reason.
Assuming you weren't referring to the benis, there are actually some programs of sorts that claim to be able to make young people taller.


On top of the mountain, but only halfway up
🐸 Citizen of the Internet 🐸
Isn't type 2 controllable? There are even ways to contol your diet and exercise enough that some people can reverse type 2 diabetes if I am not mistaken?
View attachment 50015

Not saying you are overweight @Pandadude12345 but this is at least one way, if you do in fact have type 2.
Yeah, but you won't convince them. You have the entire media apparatus against you. They will think you just read some stuff on the web like you told them stories when you were a kid. It's pointless. They're (most likely) stubborn boomers.

And yeah, younger people should be more careful about the vax. My dad has an appointment for the vax next week or so. He's close to age of retirement, I never tried to argue him out of that. I doubt he will die because of it and long term effects on fertility aren't really much a problem for him.
I am aware that you will most probably not be able to convince them, but we have an obligation to warn people, especially the people we love. I don't start the thought process with "can this work?". I have to warn them. If people I love have similar information that I am not aware of and which could guard me from illness or other negative things, I equally expect them to tell me.
Isn't Type 2 Diabetes the one you get due to bad nutrition (sugar, etc)?

So there's the next one. Once you have to live of your own hard earned money you might overthink spending it for a 2l bottle of Coke and candy everyday. Living on a budget will turn you into a top tier chef if you take it seriously.
At least my dad says he wouldn't take it at my age. So I never got into an argument with him about it. And my mom actually doesn't want to take it at all.

Otherwise I agree.
cut your internet time completely unless it's on monster.com. like, start right now.

retards have jobs sweeping buses. illiterate illegals find jobs in factories. So there's no excuse you can give for being unemployed.

you're on this forum everyday shitposting and you were talking about a fantasy novel youre writing. Get your priorities in order!
I think its time to become @pandaMAN12345. Tell them there is still no vaccine for HIV, and yet, you dont have AIDS.
Well then get a job asap and safe the money until you can afford it. And don't be "cherry pickerish" if McDonald's or Call Center are the only things you can do, then have "fun" and do it anyway

But, you said you have 10k in cash. Dude that's a lot of money at your age. When I was 20 my bank account barely hit the 500€ mark. Often I had to get through a month as a student on 100€. I would have killed for 10k in cash back then - lol

Go find some cheap room, youth hostel (if that's a thing in the US) or something like this. 10k is still a good starting capital at your age.
Do this, supplementary information on 2 has been posted above

This may be hard to hear but here it is:
  1. Your dad is a limp-wristed faggot
  2. Your mom is a manipulative cunt
  3. You're a faggot, like your dad
I say this out of love (nohomo)

Regardless of whether your parents love you or not, they stunted your growth and turned you into what you are today.

Whatever solace you can find in that should be something to be immediately ejected from your psyche so it does become another thing you hang on to.

You are seriously underestimating yourself when you think you can't get out of the house and make your own life.

Edit: PD, consider not posting here until you at least started sorting your shit out
Look at other job sites, go around your town looking for help wanted signs. Go into the big box stores (Kroger, Best Buy, Home Depot, Costco) and ask. Stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Menards pay pretty good for a 20 year old. Costco pays well too.
My parents were always telling me I couldn't make it unless I did exactly what they wanted me to do. You just have to go out and do it man. Right now is the time to experiment, and yes, fail. Once you're older and you have car payments, mortgage, kids, health problems, you can no longer take risks. Do it now or you'll regret it for the rest of your life.
I could survive for years on 10k
Exactly. Just look at all the morons who have jobs. Yeah being at an annoying job for 8 hours or more every day truly sucks, but it's the sour apple you have to bite into. Accept it as your life and you can cope with it, pray if your religious. And constantly work on improving your business and job related skills. If you get an opportunity for a free course for learning a programing language (or whatever could make you more valuable and fit your talents) - do it asap.

I am telling this from first hand experience, your early twenties are the time of your life, you will regret every opportunity you left behind at some point in the future.
OK, here's my step 1 and 2...and a few more steps. If this was me. (Assuming I decided I want to get busy living, with the plan to improve my overall situation and get out from under mommy's thumb.)

This would be my 2-3 month plan.

1. Open a mailbox at Mailboxes Etc or the like. (It would be a box that looks like a street address, not a PO box.)
2. Get control of that $10k so it's only in my name. Probably for starters I'd just go to a local bank and open a free checking account. Use my new "address" for that. (I don't want any paperwork being sent to mommy's house.)
3. Buy myself a used 2000 4Runner for no more than ~$3500, and a Harbor Freight socket set. Immediately remove the back seats and lay a yoga mat and a sleeping bag in the back. I now have myself a place to sleep.
4. Drive to a city in which I want to live. Probably it would end up being somewhere on the FL Gulf Coast. Doesn't matter as long as it's got a good library and a good Wal-Mart, and is mostly white people.
5. I would park at night in the Wal-Mart parking lot, and use the back of my 4Runner to sleep. On the inside of the windows, I'd black them out by using some black plastic sheeting. (Wal-Marts are friendly towards "boondockers", and you have a good place to buy small items and use the bathroom when needed.)
6. During the day I would drive to a library and find a corner where I can use the internet. My goal would be to either 1) post jobs on Upwork and Fiverr and make some money that way or 2) find a job.
7. Sundays I would make sure to go to a Bible-preaching church. The more "bigoted", old-fashioned, and insensitive, the better. If the preacher shouts and waves a KJV Bible, that's where I'd go.
8. Saturdays, I'd spend time walking off the pounds on a nature trail or on the beach, or I'd be doing work I got via Upwork/Fiverr, or something else constructive.

After obtaining regular income, I'd want to get a cheap place to rent. It's hard to have friends or a social life if you live in your car. But there's no shame in sacrificing comfort for a time in order to reach a noble goal. And my goal would be to live in a place I enjoy, doing meaningful work, and improving myself. (I think we can all relate to those desires.)
Father did offer to send me to North Carolina temporarily to work at his baby brother's restaurant.
Yeah, no.

That's a situation I call "too easy" and also you'll be watched. Still under their control.

Say thanks you might just do that, and then just ignore that offer.
Panda you need to find a job now. You could alternatively use the 10k to move to a college town, buy coke and flip it. You will be drowning in pussy and have lots of irl friends.
Never too soon for a personalized meme...

...or two

Hell yeah. I got a massive set of sockets from walmart in a nice durable toolbox for a little over a hundred dollars. Worth every penny. Nothing beats a reliable 4wd jap car you can sleep inside.

You can also get a decent phone for 100ish dollars at walmart, and 30-50 a month prepaid plan with internet. You could apply for jobs on there, as well as do UberEats or Doordash or whatever to get up some money. Might not be the most practical thing in an SUV but if you play it smart you could def keep yourself fed and the truck gassed up.
Then do it. A friend of mine used to work at a Hotel on Rugia (island in the Baltic Sea) during the summer holiday season. They gave him a free tiny room to sleep, so he didn't have to worry about rent or anything like that. It was hard work, often 12hrs or more a day, but it was good money. If you can figure out something like that, you should do it. Working at a Hotel/Restaurant might also improve your social skills if that's a problem for you.
PandaDude can skip this one, but if you're in contact with someone who's either pressing you to get the COVID vaccine or wondering if they should get the COVID vaccine have them review this document with you.


If they then decide to get the COVID vaccine, at least they'll be acting with 'informed consent'.
Unironically listen to the gopnik. That's solid advice on eating on a budget. Sure, far from perfect nutrition but better than what most people eat.

A friend of mine told me he considered moving to Romania since live in Germoney becomes more expensive and more enriched all the time. His grandparents were Transylvanian Saxons from Hermannstadt. Make Siebenbürgen great again - lol
Also, gyms have showers. Laundry will be pricey though.
You need to get an apprenticeship. Uber is not sustainable in the long term.
Why not a local hardware store or construction? Get a skill while working.
I didn't read all the comments, but I'll echo what everyone else has said. You need to get out. Time to start being a man, cringe-worthy as that is to say XD

First things first, if your parents have access to your money, get it switched over asap into something that they can't touch. What @Rum Pilot says sounds like it's reasonable.

You probably do want to read up on narcissist parents. Hate to say it, but Reddit is actually a really good resource for this. r/raisedbynarcissists and others. You might also want to read up on the divorce subreddits, surviving infidelity, etc, because there is a quite a good amount of advice for how to legally disentangle yourself from your spouse, which in this case your parents are like your spouse.

You could do van life very easily, you could do Workaway as I mentioned in my other comments, you could check out AirBNBs in other cities that are super cheap, there's WWOOFing, there's WorkX, there are so many different avenues open to you that will allow you to safely escape from your parents.

If I recall correctly one of the users here has a house down in Mazatlan, Mexico. If you ask nicely he might let you move in there :D

This is something that you really ought to do. For your own mental health, well-being, and as a good character-building experience. Take your time, as much as you can, and thoroughly plan something out. You could even live in a homeless shelter and keep your debit card in your shoe.

Like, think about all the good content for your blog you will have once you get out and living/experiencing real life!

10,000 USD is a LOT of money. A LOT! Even if you're just eating liverwurst and spinach, like, dude, you're set up for a good long while.

Also get your diet under control. I stopped eating bread and all sugary drinks, and I've been doing the iodine drops since February, and I feel ten times better and my skin looks better too.

You don't need to check in with GU everyday, and when you want to there are so many free wifi hotspots, like at Denny's! Man, I love Denny's. A teenage girl gave me a free birthday cake milkshake when I did my road trip from Colorado to Nevada. Bless that girl lol.

Anyways, you're twenty and it would be good for you to get out from under your parents' thumb. Away from their misguided corrupting influence. Do it for us, and your nads, if not for yourself.
That's a terrible job, after you take into account gas / car mileage you barely make minimum wage afaik.

Look you already got the vaccine, no reason to go rambo now, take your time, get a job / education / trade / whatever and make your move if that's what you want.

You gotta understand nothing is free in life, not even from your own parents, everyone expects something back from you if they give you something or do something for you even if it's something simple like you listening to them talk for an hour in return for them supporting you in something.

The choice you made today is the choice everyone is gonna have to make someday when they really push this shit to the extreme. I know it's a hard choice but from my experience and from talking to others choosing your own way is the right thing to do so a year or two down the line you don't blame your parents for "forcing" you to do X. Just remember you choose this yourself right now, don't blame your parents down the line for any side effects, but let this be a lesson for you.
did Mom give her approval? you said before you don't own the car. You know that her insurance assumes the liability of what you do with driving strangers.

Seems like you want to keep spending time on your phone during the day and not have any set hours.

what's wrong with a real job, with a boss, with structure, and coworkers? Some actual WORK in your life would be good
You can reverse type 2 diabetes entirely with fasting. You don't have to call it cured, whatever, but effectively it is a cure.

Look up Dr Jason Fung on YouTube and his excellent books (The Diabetes Code specifically), and Cole Robinson on YouTube for some kick ass advice and motivation - you will be yelled and sworn at liberally.

There is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for a young person to have this disease - really, any age person, but I can understand an older person might have to deal with a lifetime of body self-abuse.
View attachment 50025

I had to, I just couldnt help it.

All joking aside @Pandadude12345 stop being so hard on yourself. There is a reason people think you're 30s or early 40s it's because you are smart and a solid poster. Hell I never met a person with historical knowledge at your age.

Get yourself in shape, lift, eat right and be the leader you were meant to be.
Bruh, go into trade. I went to apprenticeship at age of 15. No high skool bullshit in my country back then.
At 19 I had certificate for general metalwork with accent to machining and two welding courses up my belt.

That was back in middle of 80's and I regret nothing. Did another craft and another diploma later on along the way and now I can weld, braze or solder almost anything, work pretty well on lathe, milling cutter or powerhammer..

If metal is too heavy for ye ass, carpentry with accent to restoration of historical objects is also cool.

Gunsmithing, knifemaking et cetera, et cetera. Options are many.
View attachment 50026
This is like 8 years old, but Wyoming could be an option for Panda.
Also, another idea is you could go incognito into some sort of shelter for recently-outed faggots escaping their families, if you can tolerate being around the POZ. You even have your vax certification now so you'd blend in with the midwits super nicely :/
I was gonna point this out earlier. To be a great writer, he needs to harvest real life experience. He could have a decent enough blog that’s just based on reading books and articles, but his hero Anglin is a true master because he’s been a real world student of life.

The wisdom I gain and the little poems I craft while simply walking my dog for an hour are incomparable to trying to create while hunched over my phone all day.

My most intense and palpable revelations have come to me while I was literally up on a broken ladder trying to swing a frozen hammer in dumping snow, without a penny to my name.
*clack clackity clak* D3ar GAMur upprizing franz. It izz Day 21 aftur my JaB and I yam f33ling Potato just fine..,,, Love... PadnaDood98234 *clack clackity clak* I yam uttachiNg a Selfee...,,, *clack clackity clak*

View attachment 50027
Yeah, listen to the Bohemian.

I mean, yeah the US is the country where worshipping niggers is the national religion and I live in the country where feeling guilty for some fantasy genozide is the national ethos.

Society truly sucks - we all have to deal with that.

But there are still good sides about life - if you want to see them. Forget about all that political stuff for a while and focus on yourself. If this fella could deal with unironical communism (I would say that's still worse than what we have now) we should be able to deal with our bullshit. We can't do anything about it anyway, so try to not get consumed by the misery. This is your life, don't waste it.
Exactly. A lot of the problem with today's youth I think is that they don't "live in their bodies" if you take my meaning. We are physical as well as spiritual creatures, but most people don't use their bodies anymore and they poison their souls with media. I would advocate for mandatory military service just for the fact that it strengthens the relationship a person has with their body. You feel stronger and more confident when you know what your body can do, as Socrates says.

No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.
And one also becomes more interesting when one has actual life experiences, as you say. The internet will pretty much always be here, even if it gets pared back to absolute normie-tier shit.

Youth and beauty is fleeting, may as well enjoy it when you have it. @Pandadude12345
I shoot arrows to deal with the pain of existence.

I also build virtual tanks in gmod.

I also model, and hit on girls despite not being really interested in them.

I also play vidya.

Seriously. Just get lots of hobbies like I do.
Good point.

Having a job will give you life experience - good ones and bad ones. You will also get to know people and you will learn some discipline. All things that will lower the odds of you becoming some complete social failure. And this is true for almost every job.

The internet is just an illusion. Sure, I'm, who is writing that, a real person, but we will most likely never meet IRL. And IRL is what matters in the end. The internet should be seen as this fucked up bar in a shitty part of town that is open 24/7, and there are only drunken fucked up weirdos, that you go to when everything else is closed. Don't get too invested in that. They will be here in the future as well.
I have added the following two posts (by Seb) only for completeness, although they are retarded.
Are you an adult? Your bodily autonomy is no longer under her jurisdiction. Go move away and hang out with @xXxAnglicanxXx
For real. My sister spends all of her off-time watching hours and hours of shitty jewed-up content, not to say that I haven't done that myself but I have always known that it's a waste of life.

You can be the guy listening to Chad's awesome life stories or you can be Chad and live an interesting life.

@Pandadude12345 and @xXxAnglicanxXx here is my fantasy summer for you two;

Panda has money and Anglican, you do too, so you could each go in together on a jeep or a van or something and live in it. Walmarts are abundant so cheap food will be easily accessible. You can live in the van or go camping or stay in a hostel (hostelworld.com, airbnb.com, couchsurfing etc) so accommodations shouldn't be a concern.

When I turned 27 my treat to myself was to meet an online friend I had made and to take a road trip across the US from Colorado to Las Vegas, hitting all the big sights/sites along the way. The United States truly is one of the most beautiful countries on earth, thanks Teddy Roosevelt for setting up the national park system. So yeah. You guys go on a summer-long road trip across the US. It took me like only a few days to drive from Denver to Las Vegas, you'd be able to jam pack so much of the country into a trip depending on how you want to play it. Mountain driving is something else, I tell ya. Silverton up in the mountains, the mesas in the Navajo reserve, the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, I want to post pictures but no self-doxx lol. Y'all should do it. You never know what you might find out there, the US is a big place.

You'd both get out of your current circumstances and you'd either end up brothers for life or mortal enemies, and you never know, you might woo chicks and end up finding wives or something wonderful.

Do it!

I would join in on something like that, but the borders are closed and I am kinda getting into life stuff here so I don't want to ditch everything just yet.

It would be really Y Tu Mama Tambien XD but not really though.

Adults have secrets. They called this " discretion " in the old days. Children just blab about everything.

Part of being an adult is learning how to tactfully withhold information. No one on Earth should know everything about you.

My friendly advice for Panda.
Let us pray for everyone to find the strength to refuse the gay injection.
Good plan.

I told myself a while back to not end my life asking, "what if I had..." and that's one reason I love this vision of a road trip. Your 20s are just about the easiest time to do something like this. There are so many possibilities. And they dissolve into nothingness as you get older.

Do it...while you can.
If you still actually care about the vax now would be the second best time to make a move for your life, quite literally. You haven't gotten the second dose yet, which is the point at which most seem to go potato. Perhaps most of the damage hasn't been done yet, I hope so but regardless it's the only way to look at it from your perspective given your general mental state.

I can relate to your family situation quite a bit. And while I don't share the same bootstrapping enthusiasm of most of the boomers itt, you could be looking at a much, much, much worse starting point. Trust me on this, as the years go by and you're stuck in this living situation it will eat at your soul every single day and cripple you to no end. Forget about making stacks of cash for a second, you need to get your head on straight first. And forget childish ambitions about becoming the next AA, like I said you need to spend all your time getting your own house in order first.

You already got a few good suggestions(and some that were slightly less good, seriously don't even think about Fiver crap) in this thread so start making plans. But do not get stuck at the plan making phase. Literally take a piece of paper and spend the next week putting down the half dozen most likely life paths you could see for yourself right now. Keep that paper as a reminder in your wallet, and commit to the best one for the next year or so. I repeat, do not let your dreams be just dreams as the faggots would say, be realistic but cut the cord and go off on your own right now. You'll need to do it sooner or later regardless.

If I was in your shoes, I'd secure the cash, buy some beater and go WWOOFing for a year, seriously it is such a good fucking idea. The adventure alone will be enough to give you a break from the hell you've been living in, at least in the beginning, but there's so much more potential. You'll feel a lot less lonely while having your living expenses covered. Move to whichever state you need and try to find a good christian family willing to take you on, you'll lose the fat and might even woo the daughter with your life story. Hell this will give you a thousand times more to write about than trying to become the fatter less funny AA.

Fuck vax diaries I want to read epic WWOOFing adventures jumping from farm to farm in the ever long quest of finding a second home to heal your soul and get you on your feet.

I'm getting imaginary tears just thinking about the world of good this would do for you if you played your cards right. Obviously I don't know every single logistical obstacle in your way but give this a serious thought. The fear will be much to overcome right now but the alternative will be so much worse in the long term.

Best of luck young nigga. Don't let this chance slip by, as you get older you'll be tormented by the opportunities you've wasted. And if it all goes to shit in a spectacular manner and you can't cope with anything else, you will most likely still be able to move back in with your parents, tail between legs and all, and get the vax 1-2 years from now. Nothing but upside for you to take on risk right now.
Yeah, something like that is worth it. When I was 21 me and a friend used the summer holiday to go on a massive hike. We walked 300km in two weeks or so, just camped outside, drank together, swimming in some lake, watching animals, talking with strangers we met along the way. Oh and also banged hookers in Czechia. I might die as a childless incel in a multikulti hell hole, but at least I did something like that. Today I'm pushing 30 and I don't see how any of my friends would still be on board with something like that. I still love to hike but the time window for doing stuff like that is pretty short in the end. I still want to hike through Europe at some point as long as I'm capable to, either to the Atlantic in Portugal or along the Danube to the Black Sea.
I've heard most of the germans left there already moved back to Germany in like the 90s. Perhaps moving to EE might work for some of you but I seriously don't get why you wouldn't pick the german part of swiss or some austrian village over it, generally speaking it's a much better choice.
Switzerland is even more enriched than Germoney nowadays. You hear more and more Standard German or all kinds of other languages in Zürich nowadays.

Plus: it's expensive as fuck. It's basically European California just not as cursed.

Austria is just like Germany, Vienna has a higher percentage of foreigners than Berlin.
Akshuallly it's Austria-Hungarian :D
Do you know what I'm really thankful to God for in my life?

The bathroom.

I think that it is a measure of modesty whether an average human really understands how blessed he is to have access to this bathroom, where you have running water and sewage. If you have a bathroom with running water, you officially live in luxury, I don't care. Most people show that they don't appreciate this fact, because they go on yapping about one day having a villa with 6 rooms and 3 separate bathrooms. And a brand new, 15.000$ motorcycle. They just don't get it.

Which brings me to the fact that Feng Shui is total oriental horsecrap. 'Bathroom is a place where negative energy gathers yadayada.' This is, like most pseudo-oriental nonsense, so inverse of the real experience. I'm always swamped with warmth upon entering the bathroom, and become suddenly possessed of a sense of creeping optimism. I'm about to open the tap, and the water will pour, allowing me to wash myself effortlessly. Happiness.
She is wrong about that if that is what she has to pay every month.
Austria is Germany, lol.

I have Danube Swabian ancestors too, might apply for Austrian citizenship. At least one of my great granpas fought in the k.u.k. Army in WWII.
I remember coming across a thread saying that Switzerland was the first European country to be replaced already despite common misconceptions but don't know how true that is really. I just know that the german part is a lot more based than the french one. It's also not fair to think of germans moving there as negative in any way imho. I still think living there is a really good idea career wise if you have those kind of ambitions though and a better alternative to the US.

Notice I said austrian village, you can't expect Vienna to be anything but a shithole and even then I still have my own doubts it could be as bad as any of the major french cities.
Yeah, the German part of Switzerland is basically feeding the French and Italian parts. They also vote different. Swiss-Germans are more likely to vote SVP (the right wing party) and have a higher income. Just look up the term "Röstigraben" that explains that phenomenon.

Switzerland is still a good country for not being part of the EU if you can afford it. But demographic wise it's completely cursed, they have like 30% foreigners. And this doesn't include naturalized foreigners.

And, well, you have all white villages in the FRG too, I don't need to go to Austria for that. Still love Austria tho. Feel more at home there than anywhere north of Frankfurt.
Uncle Ted would disagree... it's never enough - people always want more leading to decadence.
And mine in the Wehrmacht on the eastern front
Yeah, I have a lot of them too obviously. Half never returned. My grandma's brother rests on the cemetery near Smolensk nowadays as I found out thanks to the Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge. Donating to them is really worth it, still many missing corpses and unidentified bodies.

My granduncle got lucky due to Operation Husky. He was trained as a mountaineer and was about to get send to Finland, but that changed due to the invasion so he had to go to Italy instead. The WWII vet I talked the most too since he only died a few years ago. According to him the War in Italy was more like some hike. lol
More retarded shit from Seb, where she advocates for forum members to meet up in real life, also included for completeness
Okay then do as I suggested, 6 month long road trip across the continent after you get your affairs in order. I went the first week of May and the Grand Canyon North park was still closed so keep that in mind when you visit :p

When are you "supposed" to get your second shot?
Hitler's birthday, huh? What a co-inky dink. You have three weeks to get your shit together and meet up with Anglican up north (I'm assuming you're more south of him) if he's willing, or to provision a vehicle for yourself if he ain't. Seriously consider taking this time right now to do a road trip/soul-searching journey.

I don't know what your life experience has been like thus far. If you've never seen amazing sunsets over the lake or the mountains, deep forests, foreign animals (no, not just the beaners) and birds, and other picturesque and romantic stuff like that then you oughta. Take in God's green earth while we still have some freedom.

My grandfather was basically left by his company when they heard the russians were coming. At the time, he was in the field repairing a phone/radio wire. When he fixed it, he wired in and couldn't raise anyone on either end. So he legged it, found empty barracks, and kept walking until he found them. Got wounded later, sent to Danzig and somehow managed to get on a hospitalship that wasn't sunk by russian planes and subs and got all the way to denmark where he stayed to the end. And then various POW-camps until he got freed and could go to vienna to see his mother and sister.

That's the tl;dr, but he'd been extremely lucky (I'm less sure it was luck, because you can get lucky once or twice, but not 7/8 times like he was) and obviously I don't want to say too much.

Got through the war alive and without permanent injuries. Not too bad.
This guy used to do a lot of boondocking at walmarts and such. Fun guy with interesting stealth camping ideas as well.

Yeah, that's a lot of luck.

My grandpa experienced the whole war in the east from the very beginning to the end. I never had the chance to talk with him about it since he died when I was still in kindergarten. From second hand (dad, grandma) and own research I know that he got captured in early 1945 somewhere between Vienna and Budapest. Stayed in Soviet captivity until 1948 when he could travel back to Germany. He had chronic health issues after the war, but otherwise kinda made it through all of this. Got an EK, but that got lost in the chaos on the front.

My dad said he never talked that much about the war. Only one story where he was fishing in the Dniepr and catched some insanely huge fish that was enough for the company.

My grandpas cousin on the other hand was killed during a partisan attack in Poland in 1943.

So many stories worth remembering. I'm grateful that I'm kind of the last generation that had the opportunity to talk to veterans. Zoomers will never hear stuff like that.
I was lucky in a way that I became a deplorable addict who burned every bridge he had; it taught me a lot about surviving, and a lot about appreciating very simple things. Like not shivering on a strangers' bare couch with only my jacket to keep me warm. Or the sleepless nights waiting, in sweaty doper fashion, for the d-boy to call me back; he'd promised me it'd only be a few hours. I never would have had a life as an addict, though I also never would have had it without being one, either. I was a lot like OP; I wasn't unattractive, I was just extremely unsure of myself, a loner who'd only ever had one or two friends at a time. I cared very deeply and far too much about how I perceived others' felt of me. So, I became swept into drugs and the lifestyle. It numbed me to who I was and allowed me to pretend I was who I wanted to be. I'm lucky to be alive, and I don't say that lightly. When I finally tired of the soul-wrenching chase that was that lifestyle, I found that I had become a different person. I had patience where before I had none. I had humility where before there was only pride, or conceit. OP, I'm not saying go become a drug addict - I'm saying that you just haven't had the proper shift in lifestyle yet that seems necessary to reframe folks' like us in our works. Maybe joining the military would be good. You've already gotten the vax so it's not like you'll be forced to do anything you haven't already been forced to do. But it will take you out of your old ways of thinking, and you won't have a choice in the matter. You don't have to stay in forever, just a few years. But you may want to hurry on that because the military is quickly becoming very hostile toward whites. Airforce would probably still be okay for another year or two, I'd stay away from the regular army or even the navy these days. But do something. You clearly need the change in scenery, as we say.
[redacted since it doesn't really matter, nobody's telling Panda to leave Pandaville]

... with the added commentary that large swathes of the United States are, thanks to the Jew-Biding Administration, going to be completely unrecognizable 4 years from now, so there's really nowhere that you CAN move to get away from it all. We'll have to start a thread in a year or so and start tracking what areas we're aware of that are still somewhat habitable. My bet's on the Appalachians, given how brutal they tend to get with outsiders when necessary.
I wish for not much else these days but to be able to say in full confidence that zoomers won't need that opportunity since they'll be forced to have stories like that themselves, we really do need conflict now more than ever to set it all straight. But at this point the racewar seems like even more of a fantasy than remigration, this shit will go on for far longer than most of us will be of fighting age. Besides, zoomers are literally weaker than millennial females(not even joking, there was a study done on grip strength or something similar I'll try to find it).
I wish we could put the world on pause like that until we figure out (((what the fuck is going on))) but the general observations and stories about gen alpha I've come across around rw circles are spelling racial suicide and it's not just neckbeards on chinz, a few of my favorite reactionary content creators talked about equally horrific stuff they observe irl.

I apologize in advance for the blackpills but ever since I came across this last month while searching through archives it has been sitting in my bookmarks particularly weighing on my mind, am curious what our resident german posters make of it:
Agreed. It's a pussy move to try to delete this thread / change the title just because you're embarrassed that people were calling you a pussy for getting the jab because your mother threatened to take away your car / leave you at home for some road trip vacay.

f people thought that those things made you look like a pussy, then deleting / trying to hide thsi thread will definitely convince them.
Easy now comrade ! Let’s keep it gay friendly !
But seriously why go crazy on our friend Panda?
He seeks advice and we oblige him, but calling him a « pussy » can’t help.
Seriously you may want to take it to the pardon thread.
I thought the mom threatened to straight up kick him out.

Perhaps that's what she was implying?

Never jab right.
I thought he said they wouldn't take him on a trip to Mt(sic) or sonething like that if he didn't take the jab. I could be mistaken.
No, you're correct in your assessment but--here's the thing:

Did she imply somewhere in the conversation that, when she got back, Panda had better not be living there anymore?

I think--and this is a huge leap--that that's the major detail that Panda left out and was too embarrassed to tell us about.
Imagine taking the Gates vax and still pretending to be RW/Christian.
This is an extremely bad idea. Anyone who advocates people from this forum meeting up in real life is either clinically retarded or a federal agent.
The portion of the kids trying to imitate niggers and blindly following the latest trends from TikTok or whatever has gone up, I'd reckon as well. That the IQ has gone down in the German kids is also plausible, considering all the plastics, plasticizers, porn, junk food, and endless propaganda they are consuming, although in this case, it would most probably not be genetic or epigenetic, but environmental (can be reversed in following generations), I would think. But you also need to consider the premise that they are both talking about schools with 50+% of foreigners. Naturally, in those schools, the learning environment has gone to shit, and since Germans are systematically demonized and humiliated while foreigners are praised (+ the influence of porn on the mind), the German kids try to imitate the foreigners, who are probably the "cool kids", and "get along" well with the girls.

For the schools situated in a district with such a high percentage of foreigners, this is accurate in my opinion. However, the big cities do not compose the whole of Germany. In the east, for example, the percentage of foreigners is generally under 10% (or was 2 years ago).

Map of Germany with the different states shown. Note the five eastern territorial states.

Percentages of people with a migration background (foreigner, immigrant, or descended from immigrants) per state, as of 2019. Note the five states on the bottom.
The stupidest thing in the world is how Germans in Austria call themselves 'Austrian' and insist that they are not German, whereas their literal kinsmen in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia who bear exactly the same typical Austrian last names call themselves German.
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Zing! 😝
I was referring to the posts by @Seb, in which she inexplicably advocated for forum members to meet up in real life. I now realize that wasn't clear. I will edit the post to make it clear. @anti-barabas-ite this might also be of interest for you.


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got the vaccine after flipping out" thread (which he wants to get deleted). 1/2
What was trash about what i said to panicdude?
He had a choice to make that will affect the rest of his life, and his moms example of what it cost to live was terrible for spooking him into complying with her request of getting the shot.
Its not like i was recommending him to lie or commit fraud like everyone else in that trashfire.

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What was trash about what i said to panicdude?
He had a choice to make that will affect the rest of his life, and his moms example of what it cost to live was terrible for spooking him into complying with her request of getting the shot.
Its not like i was recommending him to lie or commit fraud like everyone else in that trashfire.
I think he's just using this thread for archival purposes, not insinuating the quoted posters are trash


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What was trash about what i said to panicdude?
He had a choice to make that will affect the rest of his life, and his moms example of what it cost to live was terrible for spooking him into complying with her request of getting the shot.
Its not like i was recommending him to lie or commit fraud like everyone else in that trashfire.
I think he's just using this thread for archival purposes, not insinuating the quoted posters are trash
Yes, I picked this thread in order to archive the posts not because I think they are trash, but in order to not clutter the forum. I could've used the Autism Containment Thread instead, but this one is pinned, so the information I archived can be seen by more people. I archived the posts because I think they contain valuable information, not because I think they are trash. If I thought they were trash, I wouldn't have bothered with archiving them. I archived nearly every post which contains advice from that thread, so there are also some among them that I dislike, but I didn't kick them out.


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Since I can't think of a better place to post this I'll just say it here:

Today marks the day the millennial began to hate (it's lit) nearly everyone.

I fucking despise zoomers (let's go), more specifically what current day american culture has done to them (bruh).

They're rotten, retarded and beyond cringe, all the way to fucking Pewdiepie. They've unironically managed to turn one of the last uncucked whites of power and influence away from the ascending righteous path of irony and based edginess into a soft 30 something Minecraft obsessed manchild who cucks at every step and now mimics the worst of their faggotry.

Somehow even Xers seem more tolerable and half reasonable than these irredeemable faggots right about now, and that really says something.

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Small white pill for the day:
I was at the store earlier and the total for the woman in front of me came to $14.88. It made me smile a little, and i needed that.


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I can't find the autism containment thread but don't feel this deserves it's own thread: