Jazz and Alcoholics Anonymous


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Originally posted on The Daily Stormer

Martin Sheen once repeated that the only two things America ever imported culturally (that were positive) were Jazz and AA. This got me thinking about a couple of things. First, everyone on this forum knows just how degenerate Jazz is. It is chocked full of Jews, nigs, and liberalism. For some odd reason, this genre either creates or is conducive to the performers becoming drug addicts and/or alcoholics. Just think of all the stories regarding heroin abuse within the genre.

Which brings me to the other cultural “gift” America has given the world, Alcoholics Anonymous. There are some on this forum who will swear that “The Program” helped them or someone they love stay sober. To that I would say, great it works for some people. That being said, it is my belief that AA does far more harm than good. It claims to be “Spiritual, but not Religious”. This is a debate that I choose not to be involved with (though many Courts have said it is a religious institution). The fact that members are encouraged to make up their own God/God of their understanding should be troubling. Once one creates their own God, he/she is free to do anything they want–as long as they don’t drink alcohol.

I can honestly say, the most immoral and degenerate people I have ever met were all 12 Steppers. They were all big into God, and could justify any of their actions using the God of their understanding. I’m largely agnostic, but know that religion is good for a society. E. Michael Jones once remarked that when the influence of Catholicism waned, AA Meetings popped up all over Philadelphia. One thing you hear from “Steppers” all the time is some variation of this, “I was able to stay sober the time I told my husband/wife that I was leaving and throughout my divorce”. It isn’t that common for steppers to screw around with other damaged people at AA Meetings.

The roots of AA are in Freemasonry, the co-founder was in the lodge. It should also be noted that Rockefeller Money went into AA. Mainline Protestant Pastors and Jesuit Priests were also instrumental in spreading the religion of the 12 Steps all over America. Call me paranoid, but there seems to be something deeper going on here.