ID2020's damage control & proven lies


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A new article published by an admitted Bill Gates funded publication claims that the staff of ID2020 are receiving "death threats" from "conspiracy theorists" who oppose the covid19 vaccine & the mark of the beast.

Has anyone been arrested & charged for making these alleged threats? If not, why not?

If these threats were valid, the perp would be arrested in 2 seconds & locked up without bail on federal terrorism charges.

See ID2020's tweet about the alleged threats here .

In the article, mockingly entitled 'Bill Gates does not have a secret plan to tag you,' Dakota Gruener, CEO of New York-based non-profit ID2020 told The New Humanitarian that ID2020 "does not support facial recognition".


"Gruener said ID2020 would not consider chips or "implantables" because they could be used without the user's consent. For the same reason, it does not support facial recognition, she said. Gruener insisted that ID2020's vision is "the opposite" of "deeply frightening... Orwellian" large-scale surveillance systems.Γ‚
However, an article written only one day later by ID2020 staff members posted on the ID2020's own website bragged that they literally use facial recognition! Can you see how dishonest and unethical these people are?



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