Gruit vs Beer


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Just out of curiosity, has anyone ever attempted to make gruit? If so, any good recipes or ideas?

Just to clarify, quite some time ago I completely stopped drinking beer, mainly due to its estrogenic and other highly detrimental health side effects.
However, I keep hearing that the primary issue with beer is hops, which is basically like injecting yourself with estrogen everyday.

This is a pretty good video summarising modern beer vs beer as it was prior to the "purity laws" (1516).

I'm looking for some good pointers if anyone has actually had success in making a *decent tasting* gruit.


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I used to brew my own beer, after getting woke on the hop question started experimenting with other ingredients. Ginger, spruce, caraway seeds - all worked really well for me. Also experimented with fruit, like bananas, and also no flavouring at all with decent success (when doing these types of beverages, yeast and malt choice is important).