Greek pilot whose 20 year old Brit wife was murdered confesses


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Posted some exerpts the site is a mess. What happened was he was crying on tv all month how albanians broke in tied him up to rob him and killed his wife. Of course it was bullshit. What struck me was he married an 18 year old mediocre looking girl from the UK who looked HAPA. I knew it was her fucking him over and he panicked. What was he thinking as fucked as the woman are in Greece they are no way as crazy as brits. Being a pilot he could have gotten an attractive and loyal woman. What an idiot. Either way feel for him as it was obvious the girl was unstable just looking at her ugly mug.

Eventually, however, the perpetrator -now- of the shocking murder that "froze" the pan-Hellenic confessed to the crime and tomorrow, Thursday 18.06.2021, will be brought before the authorities.

According to the first information, the 32-year-old pilot claims that his young wife told him when she was determined to take the child and leave him.

In fact, he stated the following: "I drowned her with the pillow after an argument, the 32-year-old pilot confessed

An important element is the fact that the transport by helicopter is not a usual procedure followed by the Police, to receive a simple witness. Authorities took this action, as they had information that the 32-year-old was planning to flee abroad, specifically to Turkey.

For this reason, he sent a helicopter from Athens that picked up the 32-year-old and transported him to GADA within a short time


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Greeks have a 1.0 birth rate, thought dat dey wuz christian n shit?