#FreeAlexJones #SandyHoax #TheJuiceIsLoose #CrisisActors: AJ Only Ordered to Pay $4.2 Million


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I am watching the Sandy Hoax documentary. Wow. These people are so brazen. But it makes sense when you see that the same players involved in Ruby Ridge, WACO, Oklahoma city, were involved in deep state activities up to and including January 6th.

Did any of you goys check school reunion sites to see if people really went to Sandy Hook before and after this incident? There is a school web site "friends reunited" which has a place for every school, at least in the UK. I wonder if the same thing exists for USA.
I met a guy years ago at the time this was all going down, who told me he lived there, he could actually SEE that "school" from his back porch. He said that "school" had been closed down for YEARS.