Famous brand companies virtue signaling for "Black Lives Matter"


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(Amazon nigger propaganda)
Same with Apple App Store on mobile device and desktop. I might upload images of BLM propaganda soon.

Here, dicksucking faggot CEO decries as follows:

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This seems perfect for trolling. How about “replace my CEO with a black man” or “kneel down to blacks day” where every employee has to kneel before blacks and clean their toilets.

How about the “White Reservations Movement”. We support putting all white people on reservations to protect POCs from white racism and microaggressions.

Give Your Wife To A Black Man Day?
Give Your Paycheck To A Black Man Day?

The rabbis must be having a hearty laugh and dance over all this. One thing for sure you will NEVER see a rabbi bend the knee to a groid.
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The elsagate tier 8 mins of silence on Nickelodeons is truly a horrific act. Trauma based conditioning, on children no less. Whoever made that call at Viacom/CBS deserves a sharp triple paper cut to the eyes- of their minecraft facial reconstruction of course.