Eventually, People are Going to Get Sick of These Blacks

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Sure it's possible, just not probable. Lots of stuff is possible in one's 20s. And ancestors, well over a hundred years ago you could go into a White ethnic section/enclave, get a job and the cost of living was doable, those days are gone.
Really, if a White makes a move on a u-haul, they need a "plan". For example, my Great-Great Grandfather came over and went back and came over and went back again a number of times before bringing the wife and children, getting work and a location first. Having a plan is everything. Going into a situation 'cold' isn't something I would suggest to Whites, at any age, in the 21st century.
Everyone's different and the captain of their own ship. It's been my experience that if I do the right thing, for the right reason, and put my all into it God will bless whatever I do even in spite of myself.

We all have to weigh our situation and make our own best choices.


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Even moving out of the city costs too much. Homes are ridiculous, the housing market is fucked.

Sooner or later we're going to have to make a stand.
Too right…We are honestly meant to leave these “western” countries. No one can tell me it’s not currently safer(and lots cheaper and healthier ) to move to Georgia the Country than back woods Georgia state. White people need to pollinate