Europe is Shutting It All Down Even Harder

Andrew Anglin


We now live in a sad, empty world

Apparently, the leaders of Europe still don’t know that Sweden exists.


World leaders face an increasingly difficult task as they seek to limit the spread of the disease and the damage to their economies, while they pin their hopes on as-yet unproven vaccines.

We are dealing with exponential growth,” German Economy Minister Peter Altmaier told a virtual German-French economic conference in Berlin. “In Germany, the number of new infections is rising by 70-75% compared to the week before.”

France, Poland, Russia, Sweden, the United States and other countries have registered record numbers of infections in recent days as autumn turns to winter in the Northern Hemisphere and people socialise indoors where the risk of infection is higher.

More than 43.4 million people have been infected by the coronavirus globally and 1,158,056 have died, a Reuters tally found. The United States has the highest number of infections and deaths.
Remember that during the Asian flu in 1957-58 and the Hong Kong flu in 1968-69, between one and four million people died inside a year, globally. There was no lockdown.

No one ever thought of this lockdown thing until Bill Gates started promoting it.

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets across Italy on Monday to vent their anger at the latest round of restrictions, including early closing for bars and restaurants, with demonstrations in some cities turning violent.

In the financial capital Milan, youths hurled petrol bombs at police, who responded with volleys of tear gas. In nearby Turin, luxury shops had their windows smashed and some were ransacked, leading to the arrest of 10 rioters.

In France, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin told the country to prepare for “difficult decisions” after some of the strictest restrictions in place anywhere in Europe have failed to halt the spread of the disease.

The United Kingdom recorded a further 367 deaths within 28 days of a positive COVID-19 test on Tuesday, the highest daily toll since May 27, government data showed.

The Czech government will ask lawmakers to extend its emergency powers until Dec. 3, Prime Minister Andrej Babis said on Tuesday, as it tries to stem one of the strongest surges in infections in Europe.
This is never going to end.

Or, it is going to end when there is nothing left to destroy.

But even then: when you are living in a pod, eating bugs, they will still do regular “coronavirus alerts” just to make sure you stay in line.

There has never been a more effective way to control the masses of people than this virus hoax.

The only way the masses could ever stop it is to stop believing in it.

Italy is right now the only country really pushing back. Although I expect Americans to do so if Donald Trump wins next week.

Our economies are all already shot.

But we can at least reclaim our basic dignity.

Can’t we?

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Corona has now begun to be politicized in Norway rather than keeping it scientific, data and common sense oriented.
Supposed recent increases in cases in city centers is now resulting in the hightening of Covid restrictions in those populated areas.
But it is true that the typical Norwegian has become very relaxed even with reasonable and less-restrictive Covid containment measures. I now see even old people bypass the public hand sanitizer dispenser located at the entrance of grocery stores. People have been gathering and partying extensively.
Dungeon slave gimp mask wearing is now highly recommended, required on public transport and is just a hair away from becoming mandatory everywhere and all the time in Oslo.

Transparency is now lacking, likely because data will no be suppressed and ignored while those in charge masturbate to telling people what to do for the sake of being able to tell people what to do...

Parliament won’t release the plans it had for pandemic preparedness or its internal evaluations of how to handle the Corona crisis, not even to the Corona Commission charged with examining Norway’s response to the pandemic. That’s led to charges of secrecy by the country’s elected representatives.
The Parliament’s president, Tone Wilhelmsen Trøen of the Conservative Party, refused a request for documents from the Corona Commission. State broadcaster NRK reported Monday that Trøen, whose position ranks second only to the monarch in Norway, also questioned whether it was within the commission’s mandate to examine the Parliament’s role and actions during the Corona crisis,
Trøen wrote in her response that the commission “has no authority over the Parliament.” She further wrote that preparedness plans and internal evaluations are routinely withheld from the public as a security measure. Her office found no reason to alter that practice, with Trøen pointing to constitutional regulations. At least one law professor disagrees with her interpretation, and criticized a lack of willingness for more openness.


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But even then: when you are living in a pod, eating bugs, they will still do regular “coronavirus alerts” just to make sure you stay in line.
Nope. It can still go even further. If you can eat bugs to battle climate change, you can also eat them to battle the coronavirus. And if you can eat bugs, why can’t you also eat people, too?


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I hate and despise normies more than any jew ever could and have plenty of ideas to implement in the coming times:
Walking on all 4 because the virus is more active at 1 meter from the ground.
Drinking your own urin because ammonia helps fighting the virus…

There's so much we can try with that experiment I'm beginning to get the idea, if the end goal is massive depopulation by suicide then the Human species deserves no better than having this inflicted upon itself by itself.
Anyone has the internet and can reach the same conclusions as we did contrary to toothless peasants from a thousand years ago. Masses have zero excuses, anyone has a smartphone and therefore holds all the knowledge of mankind in the palm of their hands, and they play Candy Crush.

I'm full on board the BillyGates train now, I say we do more! Separate every family into individuals, prevent people from speaking outdoors, put down pets as vector of transmission (that one for the lolz), sell them urin in stores that we'll have to buy ! From India !

What can be done, must be done.
- some scientist.
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