Egypt President: “Free Expression Stops When Moslems Offended”


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Isn't this the guy who had a parade of shirtless men?


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Jews need Christians and Muslims at each other's throats. Whites and non-Whites. They need to keep the goyim distracted at all costs else they risk extinction. It's literally how these parasites have survived for this long.


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Yeah, this isn't breaking news, so it's not a rush. Sometime in the next 24 hours would be good.

There are only two screenshots in this article. It seems like there should be more.
Ok Master Nigerian Chief, I have not found other screenshots but here are the correct translations of the ones we have:
-Incitements to rape ain’t good :)
-And I have plenty of them like that
-If you sink me, you’re going down with me

-Incitement to rape
-You’re reaching

-The police seemed to rather agree this morning
-I can withdraw my complaint but you know what you have to do

-Anyway I'll call you later we can still settle this ok

-I can also send all the screens to the Parisian; and we know what kind of articles they do

-Even when it’s in my favor
-I'm not looking to be right, I just want it to stop impacting my job

-(vocal message)

-I just lost the FNAC and Amazon is still under negotiation…if I explain this live, it will be with tears in my eyes, and I’ll have won. Everybody pities girls that have lost a hard-obtained job. But I’m not looking to win, I just want it to stop.
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Call me a cuck, but I also just don't like making fun of a whole religion and it's founder. Even if I don't believe in it or consider it wrong.

But in all seriousness, I don't have a problem doing precisely that. I have literally zero respect for mohameddans. The fact that the founder had sex with a six year old girl at fifty years old tells me all I need to know.

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It actually looks as though they’re purposefully trying to incite the Islamic world for some other, unrelated reason.
Macron coming out and pouring gas on it was I think actually something that made it incontrovertible that this is part of some larger agenda.
This looks like a parallel to what happens in USA with BLM riots, lootings and burnings. Lock everybody down, incite the brutes, add Antifa agents to the mix, let them terrorize general population to demoralize normal people, drain oxygen from anti-lockdown/yellow vest protests, use this as a smokescreen for other shady shit, and ramp up police state measures against everybody except globalist terrorists. It could backfire like in the U.S. Let's see what the French learn from all of this.



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I don’t understand how this is supposed to be political?
I'm afraid it's just Our Values™ to have zero respect for the way of life held sacred by other people for hundreds of years. Whereas it would actually be appropriate to war with them but respect their beliefs in their own countries, this is a situation where they invade you, but jews also encourage you to be the bad guy by fruitlessly shitting on their culture as a kind of outlet. It's really the worst of all possible worlds. Actually, that's what the "English Defense League" was about as well; embracing some kind of pointless (primarily cultural) disagreement with foreigners while they also invade your country unopposed. Within every 80-IQ brown head-chopper is a secular liberal atheist redditor just waiting to come out, and it's beautiful™. It's actually the moral obligation of the west to strip these people of their way of life so they start consuming products and taking on credit card debt. It's a major priority for Europeans to be super upset at the way gays are treated in muslim communities, and to white-knight for muslim girls who soil their virtue and are honour-killed for it by their tribe.

"It's okay if they destroy my genetic lineage, as long as they come here non-Islamically!"
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