Effortpost I submitted to the National Alliance: F**k Joe Biden: Have the Lemmings Begun to Turn?


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"F**k Joe Biden: Have the Lemmings Begun To Turn?"

A recent bit circulating around right wing circles this news cycle discusses an unexpectedly fashionable new chant amongst fans of "sportsball:" "F**k Joe Biden!"

The National Alliance has long been aware that the overwhelming majority of humans are and by necessity must be what Dr. Pierce referred to as "Lemmings." Lemmings are not necessarily unintelligent people. Many are highly educated professionals; doctors, lawyers, engineers, and the like. If, sitting alone in a quiet room, a lemming is administered an IQ test, he may indeed score far above the population average. Lemmings are, however, so overpoweringly preoccupied with fitting in with the perceived power structure that any conflict between their own intelligence and the demands of that power structure is always internally resolved, whether consciously or not (in fact usually not), in favor of the latter. A lemming may be a brave police officer or firefighter or even a brilliant trauma surgeon; cold as steel under pressure; yet he is terrified--mortified even--of undertaking in any way to stand out from the herd on matters of principle.

At least in White countries, a small proportion of individuals are resistant to this tendency which commands the lemming into conformity. For better or worse, evolution has dictated that it must be this way: Any society composed of too great a proportion of independent thinkers would quickly collapse in the face of competition from a more cohesive group, a group better able to harness the productive and warmaking capacities of its people towards the collective pursuit of a single coherent vision. Too many chefs spoil the pot.

At the same time, a society with too few independent thinkers, no matter how intelligent their population, is doomed to the stagnation characteristic of the Asiatic races. Take the example of Japan. Commodore Perry forcibly opened Japan to international trade in 1854. Prior to this time, Japan had pursued an extreme and aggressive policy of strict isolationism, allowing virtually no contact with the outside world. Technologically and in terms of social organization, the Japan of 1854 was on par with the Europe of the 12th century Feudal ages. This was the era of the Shogun, of the Samurai warrior, religiously adhering to the code of Bushido, of honorable armored combat on horseback, as the yet primitive gunpowder-based weapons of the era posed little threat to that lifestyle. It was the era of men on horses and farmers plowing fields with oxen.

Despite being a highly intelligent population on average, Japan had stagnated at this level of civilization for centuries without advancing. A Japanese child born in 1849 was born into a world virtually indistinguishable from the Japan of 1349. He could conceivably have had personal memories of living under true and authentic medieval feudalism, been present at and remembered Commodore Perry's visit and the introduction of modern Western technology that Perry introduced. This child would grow up and, before the end of a long but not implausible lifespan, go on to witness Japan's meteoric ascent into a world power comparable to any other, possessing arguably the world's most powerful and modern navy. At the age of 95 he would, perhaps, witness newsreels of that navy delivering one of history's most famous and crippling blows to the world's greatest power, and, based on the trajectory he had witnessed, pass away thinking the destiny of his people was world conquest.

Obviously, that was not to be and I digress. Clearly, however, too many lemmings results in stagnation. In order for a nation to progress along the upward path without outside help, a certain amount of independent genius, no matter how eccentric, must be allowed to flourish without restraint by authority. A nation of lemmings is doomed to eternal stagnation.

Indeed that is the very crux of White civilization. This video clip from the Showtime miniseries "The Tudors" in fact unwittingly summarizes the basis for the superiority of Western civilization:

Here we have a Pope of the Middle Ages, arguably the world's highest authority figure, expressing this very idea, while nonetheless flitting about it somewhat. (Imagine what would happen to Chinese Michelangelo if he threw a similar tantrum in the presence of the Emperor?)

This brings me to my main point. The strength (and weakness) of Western White civilization has always been that under varying authority structures, one way or another it has always been a delicate balance of a few independent thinkers driving the behavior and harnessing the productive prowess of a large number of lemmings. The strength comes from the muscle given by the lemmings to the leaders. Our eternal enemies have caught onto the weakness aspect of this by hijacking control over the minds of the lemmings and channeling their behavior into self destructive tendencies: sexual degeneracy (especially homosexuality and miscegenation), substance abuse, and worship of "God's Chosen People (tm)."

Unless we take the minds of the lemmings back, we are doomed.

No issue in the history of civilization has illustrated the divide between the lemmings and the independent thinkers than the so-called "covid pandemic." Many on the dissident right are distraught by recent developments. Whole nations are increasingly being forced into taking untested experimental drugs with documented catastrophic side effects, to fight a mild respiratory disease that poses no threat to healthy individuals. But because authority figures at the top of government, news and entertainment say to do so, the lemmings bleat out mindlessly "just wear the mask. Just take the shot."

I am encouraged by these developments. The enemy have overplayed their hand. Enough independent thinkers have maintained their resistance, not only to the Covid hoax but to the entire woke package championed by the puppeteers of the senile Joe Biden, to begin to galvanize some of the lemmings into greater collective resistance.

We may be beginning to see the first inklings of the lemmings being taken back.

Nowhere is the lemming mentality more dominant than at a mass gathering of fans of modern American "sportsball." And it is at such gatherings that mass chants of "F**k Joe Biden" are beginning to be heard and are beginning to become "a thing."

Because of what he has seen on the mainstream internet and on television, the lemming's instincts tell him that Joe Biden's woke package of experimental poison injections, drag queen story time and racial mixing are the law of the land and not to be challenged.

At the same time, his intelligence and general good nature warn him that these things are wrong and destructive. He knows the truth. The truth is merely suppressed by millions of years of collectivist instinct.

However, once a small number of crafty independent thinkers at a sportsball gathering begin a chant which attacks the woke left--once an environment exists in which it becomes "cool" and "fun" and socially acceptable to do so--the illusion of popular support Biden and the woke left enjoy is shattered in an instant. When 25,000 screaming fans are all shouting "F**k Joe Biden" there can be no repercussion. In fact, the instinct of the lemming then begins to work in our favor. It becomes a perceived social infraction NOT to participate in the chant. Short of literal Soviet style positioning of commissars amidst the crowd, there is no way for the system to stop these chants.

Such commissars are likely coming soon. The Emperor's nakedness cannot be permitted to be mentioned. How things will unfold after that I cannot predict. For the time being, however, I believe we have seen the first signs that the lemmings are beginning to turn our way, and for this reason I find grounds for optimism.


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Well done!
Will it be published? If so, please link.


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I will! I just submitted it today.

When reading imagine it being spoken in the voice of Pierce. I was deliberately imitating his style.
I literally read it with the voice of Pierce in my head, lol. Good job!