Don't you guys even know what exponential means? This covid is real


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ikr? Actual science. Sounds silly, but it exists. If it can be accurately measured and cataloged. Stuff like physics and molecular biology are real. Hard sciences.

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I am having a hard time pushing this with Italian and Spanish friends, people are having a hard time there and there hasn't ever been so many deaths from the flu before.
It only takes a few minutes online to learn that Italy has lots of excess deaths from flu every winter. Last notable one was 2016/2017.
A nation with many elderly, diseased people with poor air quality in the north. A lack of ICU beds with units that run 95% of capacity during winter.
Just looking into 2016/2017 flu season tells you everything you need to know about why "covid (aka the flu) caused problems in 2020.

The most likely reason you are having a hard time convincing them is because this year every death is blasted across the tv.
They have no idea this is a normal flu season they are being shown right now.