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Biden forgot to put his boot on yesterday:
And their newer tweet of the same, pointing out this happened yesterday:
Where is the boot?

Edit: Is The Hill a satire site or something? I saw this yesterday but just thought it would go viral before I mention it. It hasn't. Even most of the comments on the tweets don't mention the boot. Is the NPC meme real, like actually real, not just LARP real? Is this a Twilight Zone episode? Am I missing something super obvious?

I legit want to know, where is the boot?

They even triple downed with a youtube video title stating after foot injury:
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Politico: Meet the world’s most powerful doctor: Bill Gates



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A recruiter joined Facebook to help it meet its diversity targets. He says its hiring practices hurt people of color.
The recruiter quit after 11 months, adding fuel to claims that it discriminates against Black applicants
According to Lindsey, the pressure resulted in some cases in recruiters feeling the need to duplicate candidate profiles — manipulating the profile slightly so the same candidate would count twice, or tagging White people as people of color — in the tracking system to inflate their numbers. He said he never did so.
Eight months later, in August 2020, Lindsey attended a virtual meeting to discuss the company’s goal of hiring more Black engineers. In the meeting, a White manager played a Drake song in the background whose chorus repeats the phrase “Where the [n-word]s be at?," five times, according to videos of the incident reviewed by The Washington Post.

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