Catholic Michigan Farmers Go to Court After Being Banned from Farmer’s Market for Anti-Anal Marriage Facebook Posts

Snake Baker

This happened years ago but they’re only getting their day in court now.

Life Site News:

This week, a federal district court will finally hear the case of a Catholic organic farmer who was banned from a Michigan farmer’s market over his belief that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

On Wednesday, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) will represent Country Mill Farms in a case against the City of East Lansing, which in 2017 prohibited its owners, Steve and Bridget Tennes, from attending the East Lansing, Michigan farmer’s market over a 2016 Facebook post in which Steve Tennes expressed his view that marriage is between one man and one woman.

City officials reacted by telling Tennes they didn’t want his farm at the next scheduled market the following Sunday. However, the Tennes refused to back down and attended the market.

After Tennes posted another pro-marriage comment, city officials bypassed jurisdictional limits under Michigan law to craft a policy to exclude him from being able to sell at the farmers’ market.
Imagine people who run a city going to these lengths just to stop one guy from selling apples.

And this in a country that bombs other countries to bring them “freedom.”

Tennes sells fruit and vegetables to all interested buyers and says he employs a variety of people, including those who identify as part of the “LGBT community.” But the city refused to allow him to participate in the farmers’ market unless he agreed to host same-sex “weddings” at his orchard.

For a while, the Tennes family decided to stop hosting all weddings on their farm. However, they have since determined to hold traditional weddings, maintaining their right to deny services that contradict their religious beliefs.

ADF’s lawsuit says the city policy violated the Constitution’s guarantees of free speech, freedom of religion, and equal protection. It is asking the court to restore Country Mill Farms’ “constitutionally protected freedoms and prevent a violation of Michigan’s law governing cities.”
These perverts always get people into the wheels of power, even in the smallest institutions.

It’s women, homosexuals and Jews – they work together to push this single agenda to destroy the family, and normalcy in general.

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Faggots, jews, atheists, and feminists troll Catholic groups online. I have seen them post as Christians to tell Christians how they must accept some perversion. You have to go onto their profiles, where that is possible, to find out they are anti-Christian.


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Ask an Evangicuck sometime if it's true that Jews gave America gay marriage. God really does bless those who bless Israel.