California Recall Vote Today

Andrew Anglin


In fact, the voting is already done.

It was done through the mail.

The Guardian:

Californians will decide on Tuesday whether to keep Gavin Newsom in office as a recall election that has left the Democratic governor fighting for his political life draws to a close.

The gubernatorial recall effort is only the second in California’s history to make it on to the ballot and a rare chance for Republicans to seize control in a deep blue state. Voters are being asked two questions: should Newsom be removed from office, and, if he is recalled, who should take his place? Millions of Californians have already cast their ballots, either by mail or at early voting locations, and registered voters will have until Tuesday evening to make their choice, in a special election that is costing the state $276m.
Why are we even talking about this?

Does anyone think a mail-in vote is legitimate?

Democrats don’t even think that, they just support it because they know their party does mass fraud.

This is stupid and a distraction.

I would rather we just keep talking about Hunter Biden forever and ever.

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Did anyone think that "our nibba(tm)" Elder had a chance in Commiefornia to begin with? If he ever did the dems wouid just the ballot printer go whiiiirlll.


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I guess Elder is the "republican," but looks a little off and lackluster. Gov Nuisance looks metrosexual Trudeauish, and the lack of forest fire prevention, energy outages, homeless....can go on and on, are to me a good thing to continue the necessary rot for change.

Until votes are able to be audited --would take one day and one person to track a vote--then I don't see the point of participating in this failed democracy. I encourage its demise, and hope the dis-JEWnited States gets restructured, and we can unite under a government that protects people and not jew agendas.

Opposing this government and hoping for its demise seem sociopathic, but my eyes cannot unsee a degraded natural environment (NON CONSERVATIVE of the environment), filthy cities of zombies, wars for Israel that have led to a genocide of Assyrian and Yassidic Christians (due to Isis extremists triggered by Bush invasions after centuries of relative tolerance)....but oppose it I will. I hope it crumbles away in my lifetime, as much as I love the people who share my cultural heritage/stock, and love what's left of the natural beauty. For them I hope the good ol USA becomes disjewunited.
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Welp, the last civnat great black hope goes down in flames. I guess I’m supposed to feel sad, but who am I kidding? I knew over a decade ago that the piece of shit country was crashing with no survivors, but like a morbid motorist that sees a wreck on the side of the road, I can’t help but watch the latest sorry spectacle.

I don’t know why anyone is staying around in America at this point. They must be masochists.
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So I go to vote in person.
Black guy says "Your name"
Types my name as I say it. Can't spell a Scandinavian surname.
"I have ID" "Here's my license."
Both poll workers nervously look at each other. They aren't supposed to ask for ID, but if you offer, they're relieved ...
"That helps a lot with the spelling." I see we mailed you a ballot"
"Yeah I throw all mail in ballots in the trash. " I rip them up"
An approving look.
Knew already I wasted my time.
Had the thought that the demise of California in inevitable. We all know it's coming.
But the reasons for the demise will be as varied as any moment in history is constructed with biases and opinions.
But fail it will. Let it be now, dear Lord. Let it be now.