Black dude shot by cops video - West Philadelphia


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Globalist jewsmedia again pumping their BLM propaganda lies
They lie and lie and lie...
Protests in Philadelphia after police shoot and kill Black man holding knife
Nah. Should read ‘Riots in Philadelphia after police shoot and kill black man charging them with a knife’
The man’s mother tried to shield him and asked police to put their weapons down, witnesses say
Nah. Should read ‘The man’s mother begged him to drop his knife and submit to the police or he’d get himself killed’. There’s video of the incident ffs. You don’t need to rely on the hearsay of ‘witnesses’ unless you’re a dishonest journalist propagandist.
They then use a stock photo of a peaceful summertime BLM protest to cover for the reality of what is actually happening:
I suspect it was peaceful only because there are just two niggers in it. Here’s what it really looks like at the ‘protests’ in Philly...
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bean_ shooter

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Another sad example of the unfair advantage that cops have when it comes to the African-Americans natural right to trial by combat.
Police departments Nationwide should be furnishing these combatants with firearms in order to make the contest equal.
When will this discrimination end?


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This is getting pretty volatile, and obviously the city governments don't give a damn about controlling it. Did it even start with a protest this time? Or go straight to rioting and looting.

Look, we're almost at the point where...

A real nigga could post a 10 year old video of a black getting shot by cops on Twitter, say its at 52nd and Market Street, say 'NIGGA THEY IS BE SHOOTIN US,' and then leave to go get some free jordans while lighting some fires on the way.

The blacks are just dying for an excuse to loot and burn their own city, and Antifa has no control over them. Imagine some white faggot Antifa standing in the way between a nigga and his jordans...


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Cities are all completely finished as a concept. There’s no solution to the major problems cities face that fits the modern paradigm of politics, police tactics, social order, and so on. Where will Philadelphia be in 10 years? They’ll continue to experience a brain drain, and no one in that catagory will move into the city because they can’t afford to live in an area insulated from negroes.


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Now there’s a full-on chimpout going on - niggers going on a shopping spree, burnin’ dat bitch down, and I think they might have killed (?) a cop...
“They doin’ this”...“They doin’ that

Nigger, it’s YOU! You’re doing this!

They look through their phone screen and can’t reconcile the fact that’s this isn’t TV and that they are an active appendage on this society devouring primitive cancer...the way they react like they’re just casually watching a World Star clip while literally standing in the eye of the storm swirling around them.

...God I hate niggers 😑