Biden Orders ICE Agents to Release All Illegal Aliens in Custody: “Release Them All, Immediately”


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That's the most enraging thing about all of this. Republicans controlled everything. They could have enacted major policies but they didn't. More to the point: they wouldn't.

They've been the #1 enemy even more so than the Democrats. Unfortunately though, it was necessary for normies that every plausible avenue be exposed as a fraud first. I think we are finally at the point where enough of them are ready to understand the futility of the political system as it is now.
Everybody knows about Lady Lindsey, but he is only one prolapsed asshole in an entire bathhouse worth of closeted Republican faggots. I'm sure the entire Republican Congressional contingent is full of homosexuals, as well as individuals with considerably more exotic kinks. Their kompromat folders have to be bulging with the most damning kinds of skeletons for them to be so resolute in their betrayal.

The slightly less sociopathic ones were likely bought off with promises of lifelong membership in the NWO nomenklatura for themselves and their families. That's quite a carrot to dangle in front of most men, especially the men of suspect character that tend to accumulate in the halls of power.

And as for the holdouts, my guess is that they've all been presented with photos of loved ones and detailed accounts of their daily activities.


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He obviously isn't worried about all of the additional Kate Steinle's (and the resulting bad publicity) that will result from releasing thousands of illegals with violent criminal records.

This new regime is amazing. I know all of us were predicting a shock and awe campaign of social, political, and economic transformation, but even still, seeing it implemented so quickly and brazenly is astonishing. Virtually every objectively harmful action this pretender can carry out is being pursued with a vengeance, as though the controlled demolition of the United States is the immediate goal. They're throwing open the city gates and poisoning the well--and they're only getting started.
Just wait until they start coming after guns and your ability to defend your life in your own home.


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Headline is inaccurate. "Biden" is not capable of giving orders, he is an empty shell. Should say Bidens handlers, or better yet Bidens Jews.

he is no more in control than the yoda puppet, and talks with the same gibberish
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“Oughhh, the marines salute!