Biden Adviser Says COVID-19 Likely Leaked From Wuhan Lab


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Well, well, well...

"There’s no irrefutable evidence," said the Kansas-born Metzl, a senior Atlantic Council fellow who was appointed to the WHO expert advisory committee on human genome editing in 2019. "There’s just more evidence and as more evidence arrives, the case for accidental lab leak, in my view, increases."


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It is pretty likely that it is from China's biowarfare labs, but I'm not sure the West can do anything about it. The death knell for a superpower is sounded by overreaching (eg like Britain did in 1939 picking a fight with Germany which, as shown at Dunkirk, it couldn't win, without appealing to the US to come in... leading to the eventual loss of the British Empire). The US, if it wants to extend its time at the top needs to avoid war, or accept the inevitable logic of the division of the world into spheres of interest. Chinese, Russian, EU and US zones. And none of these zones extends to the Middle East either. That said, the Chinese don't eat bats (I lived in China for four years), and bats are not displayed in Chinese markets, and the Wuhan market theory is nonsense. China has behaved badly in this, but has managed to expose the hysterical and panicky nature of Western society via the response to Covid. The Chinese economy actually grew in 2020, while our economies all nosedived. We are largely responsible for that (we could have closed borders with China in January last year, and didn't, and didn't have to choose to FUCK the economy as a policy response).

On the Chinese influence vs. Jewish influence thing, I'm sure the Chinese have noticed that the Western countries are pursuing socially destructive policies, and they will have noticed the influential status of Jews in Western culture. They must have assets in the Western political elite, but will not be as influential as a certain minority group. Biden has taken Chinese money before, because he is corrupt, but is unlikely to be a Manchurian candidate for Chinese control - he just likes money. The Chinese can drop me a billion if they like too. I wouldn't turn it down.

To a certain extent, all countries have networks of influence in the US corridors of power, but the Chinese do not control a) political funding in the US; b) the US media; c) Hollywood and cultural output that influences social views; d) academia in the US; and e) the thinktank policy wonks. The treason of the US elite does however open some or many Congressmen and people in the Deep State to influence by Chinese money (Mitch McConnell's wife is Chinese -- worth considering that angle -- he is the most likely to be a Chinese asset), but Chinese money is not associated with a "moral" cause in the way that Israel and support for it is seen as a "moral" cause in the Washington Uniparty. So it is worth discussing the extent of Chinese influence, while not Alex Jones-style seeking to overegg the pudding in this regard.

Of course, Britain, where I live, is run by a rather stupid elite, who can't quite accept we're not a front-rank power and are constantly seeking "influence" at the top tables. Post-Brexit, we have been told by the government that we are resuming a global role and considering sending an aircraft carrier to patrol the South China Sea, etc. This is all nonsense. Britain is not fit to take on China in the South China Sea, and we should drop all such fantasies. If Brexit leads us to follow the US Deep State in whatever ill-thought-out adventures they plan in the Far East, we will live to regret it, of course. We need a clearer approach to Western interests in China. These do not include mouthing off on human rights in China, commenting on Hong Kong, coming to Taiwan's aid in a future war, or even dictating who controls the South China Sea. Our overwhelming interest is not to take Chinese migrants, and to obtain Chinese consent to receive its migrants back. We should be focusing on that and only that - and making clear we will butt out of their own affairs permanently.
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No shit. Everyone already knew this. The few Chinese scientists and doctors who aren't total scumbags and CCP puppets said it. Of course they got hauled or some shit for saying it.