Arresting the Opposition: This is Now Totally Full Bolshevism

Jim Hansen

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If you have a family member that ends up in the hospital despite your best efforts, someone needs to be with them AT ALL TIMES as an advocate.
Exactly. I've been telling friends and family to always have an advocate for any older person at a hospital. As you said - be a nuisance and ask questions. They will NOT tell you about normal available treatments. The Obamacare Death Panels are in place and operating.


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Do it! If hippies can do it then I'm sure we can do it better.

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Purchase: $20,945+

Best conversion i saw was a guy who converted a ambulance. The guy was obviously a retired engineer. The thing was totally set for post apocalypse world. Its on YouTube somewhere I will try to find it.


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I'll load up my backpack and walk to the Whitest small town I can find.
You're not the only one. The prices of homes in Knoxville are up 50% to 100% in the past two years. Home prices in Houston (America's most diverse city ^TM) are basically flat considering inflation. White Flight is no longer a regional phenomenon it's national and it's ACCELERATING.


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If you don’t think America is in the process of going full-Bolshevik, you need to look around you.

Arresting the opposition on trumped up charges is not something that happens in a normal country.
On C-SPAN I'm watching Lindsey Graham argue with a man who is wearing a rainbow tie about what is a proper wage to pay illegal immigrants for farm labor. The disconnect from reality is French or Russian Revolution tier that's for sure. When Lindsey Graham goes to the guillotine with Trump and the rainbow tie wearing communist goes to the gulag at what point will anyone realize what is going on?

Now on C-SPAN Ted Cruz is giving this goofy emotional speech about illegal immigrants flooding across the border in Texas, lol.

I remember someone writing about "communism being a tactic" and I guess I always knew that but never had it put so succinctly. This is what we are witnessing in real time. The old ruling class of the United States is being supplanted by a new ruling class that is objectively insane but highly organized and hostile to native Americans. This process has been on going for 20 to 40 years and now we are at the apex.

What is happening is out of my control or influence but I (and we) may be able to take advantage of the coming chaos and end up on the other side better off.

There are a lot more variables in play than in a normal commie revolution:

Mass immigration (most commie revolutions are organic)

The USA is a unipolar world power (no sitting world power ever did a commie revolution)

The political division is geographically distributed urban (commie) vs rural (normal). This is opposite of other revolutions which were either diffuse (poor and stupid in the cities and countryside unite) or with commies being concentrated in the rural areas and demanding a share of the cosmopolitan wealth.

This all seems so confusing and unique until you consider that this is a global commie revolution and everyone in the Western world (poor or middle class) is considered a wealthy pig and all the brown or black folks are the victims and oppressed proletairiat worldwide.

The jew Ossof from Georgia is on the C-SPAN now but he is doing it remotely as is that nigger Senator from New Jersey. What are these lunatics hiding from and where are they hiding? It's all so confusing. I'm watching the examination of the AG Sec by the Senate, FYI.



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There are a few wildcards that America has that Russia did not have during the bolsheviks take over and mass slaughter of Christians.

The biggest one is niggers and the volatility they bring to the table at any given time.

I've been saying since last year if the niggers start rioting and burning again the entire apparatus would have to pause and divert limited resources and manpower to squelch it.
I think the bigger wild card is:
Legal Gun owners have 300 million guns and a 4-12 trillion rounds of ammo, never mind the none registered ones.
Yah if even a fraction of those are organized, any attempt to take control of the country side by force will be suicide.
They will do the slow squeeze over the rush in, unless they are total idiots(that is possible).
That's why they wanted everyone they could get vaxxed, vaxxed. I think it has to do with the uncontrollable organized weapon owners outside the cities.
In the same way lime disease was introduced into the U.S. via ticks.


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How are away from a city is far enough? An hour? Two hours? I still have a job and have to work.

Jesus help us all.
Off the "beaten path." A place that may not be too far as the crow flies, but where one must go out of his way to get there, not just pass by along a major artery. Somewhere a negative agent must specifically do extra work to target. A canyon, river, low mountain slope may be the key. I recently got out of the city, and although it seems like a normal small town for now, a few rednecks with chainsaws can totally block the only normal road in by simply dropping some trees. It's fantastic, btw. Heck cities.