Apology to @PotstickerSwatstika


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@Jebal_Dokundy mother foker I retract my apology since you didn’t say “it’s ok bro, you didn’t need to apologize”.
I hate apologies. Such a risky business.
Those are always the best apologies, the ones with irate expectations attached to them...😏 You French are such a passionate, volatile people. yeesh.

@Jebal_Dokundy get in here and apologize until Berna is thoroughly soothed. The guy’s sensitive.


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@reltihlieh I apologize for having bullied you. I didn’t know you had mental retardation.
@Arminius you should apologize to @Danespear and vice versa.
Many people need to apologize to @Pandadude12345 for having sexually harassed Ionwhite (me too).
@ionwhite apologize coz you haven’t sent tit pics to @LittleGuinea

Anglin may want to apologize to Italians (especially south italians).


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