Antivaxxer Marco Veglia allegedly dead of COVID to media lulz

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I haven't heard from this fella for a long while. He was a 55 year-old marketing guru and had a kid, he lived in Miami.

He was a well-known Italian, and the media from all around the world is having a great laugh at his death.

Was a no-vax convinced. Sure the Covid it was a lie. And he denied the existence of the virus until the last moment. «I have had this bad flu for a week and it doesn’t go away», he had confessed to a friend that, taking care of his health and fearing that it could be Covid, he had asked him if he had undergone a swab. «There is no need», the reply. Then Marco De Veglia, Italian marketing guru died in Miami, aged only 55, due to the virus. The testimony is from a friend, who preferred to remain anonymous.

No-vax dead, no tampon
«It was consistent with his misconceptions. In the last phone call, Wednesday 21 July, he was hospitalized in the intensive care unit and was wearing an oxygen helmet. He sent me a picture where he looked bad, but was still confident. The last words he said to me were these: we’ll talk by the end of the month to get back to work», His friend tells La Stampa.
His best friend thinks a Global Police State would've surely injected Marco the antidote, which he rejected for no reason other than ignorance and misinformation.

Marco De Veglia did not make it and on Saturday 24 July he died. The friend continues: «I feel deeply guilty for not insisting more. He had to go to the hospital right away and get that damn swab. His first mistake was not getting vaccinated. But without the second mistake, perhaps he would still be alive now. Marco was inundated with fake news. And the more the algorithm sent him, the more he believed it. I was wrong to give up. I had to insist. I had to punch him, rather. I had to get him to do the vaccine in every way».
Some others are assuming a mommy-like stance saying "I told you to put the mask on, you disobeyed. Now who's dead?"

La Razon:
Marco de Veglia, an Italian denialist who refused to be vaccinated, dies from covid-19
The 55-year-old had claimed that covid-19 is like a flu that can be treated at home, that vaccination is not necessary or that anti-covid measures are useless.

Marco de Veglia is an Italian businessman and marketing expert, born in Trieste, a city in northeastern Italy. The 55-year-old has died of covid-19 after contracting the virus weeks ago, reports Italian media 'Corriere della Sera'.

However, the businessman has unfortunately come up against the harsh reality of the virus: he was infected with covid-19 about two weeks ago and his condition began to worsen, having to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a hospital in Miami, the city where he lived. Sadly, he was unable to overcome the disease and ended up passing away.
Yea, so sad indeed. But sad like in, "you get what you fucking deserve", right?

But seriously though, the guy was feeling like coming back to work soon, then died.

I doubt it was COVID.

Whatever the case, RIP Marco. He had great brand-positioning tips.


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having to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a hospital in Miami
Based on this and a few other stories it seems like they're ventilating people to death again.

I don't get why these people are going into hospital for a flu. The timeline goes:

- Get the flu.
- Be ill.
- Test positive for covid.
- Go into hospital.
- Get put on oxygen.
- Get put on a ventilator.
- Die.

Instead, they should:

- Get the flu.
- Be ill.
- Stay at home.
- Recover.

It wouldn't surprise me if they've started to mandate ventilators again because they need stories like this. Imagine the joy they get when someone who hasn't had the vaccine comes in with the flu - "GET HIM ON THE VENTILATOR!"


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Do you think they knew he had no vax?

Why not kill him with vent. And ridicule his body?

I'm going to meet Jesus, if I vent off.
It's a joyous gathering.

Jews and thier sycophants rejoice in your body being dead, because you didnt listen to them.
It's terrible behaviour.

Maybe they can line yourv towns street lamps with dead anti vaxxers?

As long as the corpses dont block the 5_6G


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Vitamins C & D, zinc, magnesium, Tylenol/Advil - Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin if you can get a doctor to write you a prescription - these are what you need to recover. Don't go to the hospital unless you have a wound that needs to be patched up!


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We already know the so called vaccine does not prevent people from getting "covid". If this guy actually did die, he died from the flu or some other cause. These covid kooks want this, need shit like this to scare people into getting the stab.