An Alternative or Complement to Rape Gang: Khmer Rouge Bourgeois Bohemian Genocide by Race Aware Revolutionary Peasants


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So, this came out on DP, and as one comments states, it could, or should be read with 5 levels of hyper-meta-irony. Some anniversary of Pol Pot taking over Phnom Pen. Not sure how rapey the KR were, tho.

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> The excuse regularly exhibited by these [left liberal trostyites] to justify their own pusillanimity is the racist exaltation that Pol Pot inspired in Khmer peasants alongside his revolutionary fighters who emerged from the jungle where, for years, they had to survive the American bombings and tracking down by the Lon Nol satrap. Pol Pot, simple and equal to himself, had the impassive and gentle face of the ancient Buddhas discovered by the French in the heart of the Cambodian jungle in the 19th century. But this good and simple nature (Pol Pot was the son of peasants) knew how to turn into a torrent of fanaticism against anyone who sought to crush the great project of regeneration of the Khmer race which he was pursuing. Pol Pot, a calm and soothing figure, is in the end the avatar of the rice paddy buffalo on the back of which the children are perched. Powerful, and master of time.