Amnesty International Defends Report Condemning Ukrainian Use of Human Shields

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Ukrainian fighting tactics endanger civilians. The authorities should immediately locate its forces away from populated areas, or evacuate civilians from where the military is operating. Such tactics though do not in any way justify Russia war crimes.

— Agnes Callamard (@AgnesCallamard) August 4, 2022

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Amnesty International confirmed Daily Stormer reader.



Amnesty International said on Friday that it stands by a report in which it accused Kiev of endangering civilians by placing its military assets in schools and residential areas. The investigation drew the ire of the Ukrainian government and President Vladimir Zelensky.

The NGO “fully stands by our research,” its Secretary General Agnes Callamard told the news agency AFP in an emailed statement. She also took to Twitter to state that her organization stands “by all victims. Impartially” and lashed out at those she called “social media mobs and trolls” that are “attacking” Amnesty’s investigations.
Ukrainian and Russian social media mobs and trolls: they are all at it today attacking @amnesty investigations. This is called war propaganda, disinformation, misinformation. This wont dent our impartiality and wont change the facts.

— Agnes Callamard (@AgnesCallamard) August 4, 2022

Earlier, Zelensky accused the NGO of shifting “the responsibility from the aggressor to the victim,” referring to Russia and Ukraine, respectively. The president stated that any report equating the actions of “the victim and the aggressor” in “some way” cannot “be tolerated.”

The report, which was released on Thursday, accused Kiev of “a clear violation of international humanitarian law” as it documented that Ukraine was placing its military close to civilian infrastructure, thus putting civilian lives at risk. In particular, the NGO said it found evidence of current or prior military activity in 22 out of the 29 schools it visited in Ukraine between April and July.

It said that Ukraine’s unlawful military use of civilian objects did not “in any way justify indiscriminate Russian attacks,” though. According to the NGO, Ukrainian troops had not been present in some residential areas which it assessed had been targeted in Russian strikes.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that the NGO’s goal was to create “a false balance between the criminal and his victim.” Moscow responded to the report by saying it had repeatedly stated that the Ukrainian troops use civilians as “human shields” and Amnesty’s findings only confirm that.
Some stupid old bitch resigned in demand that Amnesty not mention the human shields anymore.

Oksana Pokalchuk, the head of Amnesty International Ukraine to resign over disagreements with @amnesty’s leadership. “If you don’t live in a country, that’s being torn apart, you’ll never understand what it means, to blame the army of its defenders”.#StandWithUkraine

— olexander scherba
(@olex_scherba) August 5, 2022

People don’t understand what it’s like to have to use human shields and then get blamed for using human shields.

It’s not for the first time your organisation makes manipulative claims. It was spreading antisemitism and now it justifies russian genocidal war. I hope @amnesty will be defunded.

— Qwerty (@qwertysquaresun) August 4, 2022

In WW2 you would be a Nazi apologist: “Allied fighting tactics endanger civilians. The authorities should immediately locate its forces away from populated areas, or evacuate civilians from where the military is operating.”

— Danish NAFO Fella
(@abnyn1) August 4, 2022

You and your entire corrupted organization will be investigated and prosecuted.

— Joe Doe (@909090go) August 4, 2022

How much russians paid you? You should be ashamed to support genocide of innocent people.

— пан слухач (@coolstuff2017) August 4, 2022

You’ll never be able to wash the Ukrainian blood from your hands Agnes, you’ll forever be stained.

Goblin Borshch
(@goblin__soup) August 4, 2022
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Adult male logic - "It would be a good idea for Ukraine not to house military personal within occupied hospitals and schools. This will reduce civilian casualties."

Emotional feminine jew rebuttal -"OMG what?!? So Ukraine should just hand over its cities to Russian forces?????!!!! Are you Hitler or something you filthy Putin apologist??! BOT BOT BOT, how much is Putler paying you huh? Kremlin stooge!"

Exaggeration, hyperbole, lies and screeching. Can't deal with it. Just nuke em.