All laws made after 1950 should be repealed

Konrad Kurze

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1913, congress lost its legitimacy after it illegally gave one of its prime powers delegated by the constitution. There is a legal argument to nullify all acts of congress after 1913
As the communists and blacks as pushing for a 'year zero' i think we should be pushing for a removal of any laws made after 1950 - before the cultural marxists began to exercise influence on the west.


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maybe, open to debate about when exactly would be the best time
Obviously the further back, the better.

Realistically, you want to roll back to the 1950's, before

1) any and all "civil rights" policy and resulting subsidies

2) the Hart-Cellar Immigration Act of 1965

3) Clinton's Telecommunications Act of 1996

4) Everything Obama


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Since this thread is merely dealing in hypotheticals, I would hypothesize that the simplest law to change is “you only get to vote in elections if you own land”. Everything else we want would fall in place if that one law was established.

Meanwhile, in the real world, I just received an absentee ballot (Michigan) even though I never asked for it. Also, in Michigan, thousands of absentee ballots are being sent out as a directive of the jewish lesbian State AG.
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