Airports Worldwide in Chaos After Getting Crippled by Covid Hoax

Snake Baker

Yu vil zleep on ze airphort flor, end loze yor unterwear bag.

End yu vill bee heppi.


Airports from around the world have been delaying and canceling flights due to an ongoing staffing shortage while travel demands remain high.

Various airports have reported long wait lines at check-in counters that often stretch to the outside. According to the Wall Street Journal, Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport began “limiting the number of passengers allowed inside, asking travelers not to show up more than four hours before their flights” while advising people to wear comfortable shoes due to the long waits.

The massive staff shortages stem from the severe coronavirus restrictions that impacted world travel throughout the pandemic, and though most restrictions have been lifted as people embark on European summer vacations, the staff shortages remain.
Sydney Airport, for example, recently staged a job fair to fill its 5,000 employee gap. This has caused an unprecedented spike in flight cancelations along with a whole host of other operational issues, such as when Switzerland temporarily closed its airspace due to an information technology glitch. Per the WSJ:

Delays, especially in Europe, are particularly high this summer season. So far this month, 25% of scheduled flights on the continent, excluding Russia, took off late, with an average delay of 34 minutes … That compares with 21%, with an average delay of 28 minutes, in June 2019. At Schiphol in Amsterdam, 36% of flights have been delayed this month, up from 28% in 2019.




Flight cancellations have risen in June, according to data compiled by aviation data consultancy Cirium. In the U.S., about 3% of scheduled flights have been scrapped so far this month, compared with a 2% rate in 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic. The total number of cancellations rose 16%, to 13,581 fights, from the year-earlier period.

In Europe, excluding Russia, about 2% of all flights have been canceled so far in June, compared with a rate of 1% for the same period in 2019. The number of canceled flights rose 162%, to 8,228, in June, compared with the same period in 2019.
Yeah – I wonder who would want to cripple the airline industry completely?

Is it the same people doing everything else?

This video is from 8 months ago

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Many pilots can't fly because of side effects of the Covid vaccine they were mandated to take. Air pressure changes are very bad for people prone to blot clots.

Then you have a law Congress passed after a 2009 crash that increased the flight time required of commercial pilots from 250 hours to 1500, so only the wealthy can train for a job that pays $30,000 a year.

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Way too many airlines for a slave-based economy under the management of a jew military junta.

At the most you'll need two airlines - one for routine goy transportation (as necessary) and one that's jew-only/VIP goy.

One airport per FEMA district should be enough.


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Without seeing a breakdown of which staff shortages are causing delays it is hard to see what is going on. There are a hell of a lot of cancellations in the UK. But Pakis and Eastern Europeans are eager to take the work.

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Without seeing a breakdown of which staff shortages are causing delays it is hard to see what is going on. There are a hell of a lot of cancellations in the UK. But Pakis and Eastern Europeans are eager to take the work.
In the UK the companies running the airports want their cheap slavic Eastern slave workers back.
They offer wages that are unlivable in major cities unless you're willing to share a house with 3 men to a bedroom working on shift rotations eating rice and beans and sending the pittance that you earn back home to your family where its still 5x the average salary.
They had to sack all these euro workers at the start of the coof and now they can't hire them back because the UK left the EU. So theyre still advertising the jobs at poverty wages and the native Britons refuse to work for those slave wages. The companies whine and kvetch that the Britons don't want to work and are begging the government to let them hire eastern euro labour again.


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Meanwhile, in Russia....

Russia & UAE To Jointly Develop Supersonic Passenger Aircraft
February 24, 2021Posted byRussia Briefing

Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation and Emirati state-owned investment company Mubadala will establish a joint venture to develop a supersonic passenger plane, the Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov stated last week.
“The question is what kind of equity participation it will be, as we have not yet discussed this issue. From the UAE side, it will be Mubadala, from our side it will be clear that it will be the UAC or some of its subsidiaries”, the minister said.
“For now, we are optimistic about the time frame for a first concept to be revealed, before the end of 2021, but maybe the beginning of 2022,” Manturov said at the IDEX 2021 defense convention in Abu Dhabi. “The key parameters have mostly been set: the speed will be Mach 1.5 to 1.8, taking into consideration that the flight time at a speed of Mach 1.8 is limited to four hours.”
An 8-seat business jet and a 30-seat commercial airliner are being studied. Manturov said the first delivery could take place in 2027. While no other specification was given on the aircraft, Manturov said the project dated back to 2019 and received an initial investment of US$100 million.
Two Russian supersonic civilian aircraft are reportedly being studied. Zukhovsky’s Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute started its own program. In parallel, the manufacturer Tupolev has been considering the conversion of its Tu-160 supersonic strategic bomber into a passenger airliner.
“Everything with the Tu-160 is running like clockwork,” Russian President Vladimir Putin commented in 2019. “So why not also create a supersonic passenger plane?” The Tu-160 can reach a top speed of Mach 2.1 (2,600 kilometers per hour), which would fit the requirement described by Manturov.


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It's pretty obvious that this is deliberate, purely by looking at the videos which all have virtually identical wording "Chaos at Amsterdam', 'Chaos at Heathrow', 'Chaos at airports'.

I get the same feeling watching those as I do watching the edited videos showing 50 news anchors saying exactly the same things - like 'this is a danger to our democracy', 'this is a danger to press freedom' etc.

There might very well be 'chaos at airports', but it's orchestrated in just the same way that the news outlets telling you about the 'chaos at airports' are orchestrated.

It's airlines and airports first and it'll be private car use next, followed by who knows what else? However don't allow this orchestration to put you off doing what you want to do. You might have to suffer some small inconveniences but it'll be worth it. In principle it'll be no different to refusing to take the vaccine - waiting for everyone else to take it, suffering the small inconvenience of not being allowed into certain places for a while, and then being able to participate, unvaxxed, as society opens up again.

Just remember that once the unthinking majority have done what they're programmed to do, the world will still be there for the minority - and that minority will include us, the sceptical thinkers.